Sunday, July 29, 2012

Folded memories

This afternoon, I found a piece of paper folded and a little bit munted in my blazer pocket.

Maeva had drawn a picture for me of herself and her two friends at school.

I remember at the time, I was rushing to get her from after school care before I got fined for late pick up.

While I was half dragging her to the car, she continued to rave on and on about her picture - but, I was thinking, oh be quiet, and let's go home, I am tired and there is a 13kg Tui weighing heavily on my hip!

.....and there it sat, forgotten in my pocket for the last few weeks, the drawing of the three little stick figures with curly hair and triangle dresses and flowers in their, Maeva if you read this when I'm dead (guilt trip time haha) just know that all your little drawings and creative work you bring home reminds me how smart and imaginative and fun you are!

And for me, I need to treasure these little things because you are growing up way too fast.


Sorry ma poustaque, I misplaced the pic again, but here's another of your drawings I found on my desktop.


Goldgurl said...

Nawww that's CUTE!! They grow up quick (cliche I know) but soooo darn true and you don't even realise it till they have grown up :(

Goddess said...

i know aye...too quick, but im too busy sweating the small stuff. ah well. such is life i guess