Monday, June 25, 2012

Winning a prize and then chasing it down, that's another essay

About 7 weeks ago, I won a short story competition and the prize is a return trip to Tonga/Samoa. Yay? nah, not even. yet.
I got the email confirming my win, and then got told the ticket will be sent to me.
After 3 weeks, I politely (as is my mild mannered Librian accommodating and dont rock the boat unassertive nature:) followed up with the organiser, who forwarded to an inefficient travel broker who was supposed to issue the voucher.

Nekk day, I get a response:
Hi Goddess it is my fault in transition to my new role.
But please I will get to you

Me (immediately):
Thank you, Im looking forward to receiving that prize, (:

I'm relieved seeing that its a travel voucher (and not an actual airfare with travel date restrictions, phew), which means I may be able to use it for our family's travel in December, so heres hoping, but the sooner the better because i can't book my family until then,
thanks again and regards.

....then, I waited.
And watched the December peak season fares climb and climb and I begin to realise this effing prize is about to cost me a lot more than its worth.

Another follow up, pas de réaction.

Then, I GOT ANGRY....and no one likes an angry Goddess with fire hissing and glass breaking and heads flailing, so I did the more natural thing:

Dear *insert name of inefficient kerfay*
Can you tell me exactly how many more weeks, days that I will have to wait for?

Be honest with me so can go ahead and make my family bookings and forget about waiting for this prize.
The fares for December have already gone up (again in the last 2 weeks) and this wait( 6 weeks and counting) for this prize is costing me more than it's worth
So let me know exactly when you are gonna get around to giving the voucher or give me your superiors number and I will hurry it along.

The very next second:

Sorry send me your dates now

For your prize.

The moral of the story?

Stop being a wuss and be angry next time or else nothing will happen...and thats the last time I'll enter a blimmin' competition...more headaches than its worth fraggenblibblinghell.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Good advice! And congratulations on the short story prize - can we get to read it on your blog? Pleeeease?

Goddess said...

thanks Lani, firstly, I can't post it until they do, conditions of the comp...and more so coz i don't want to lose the airfare altogether haha. and no offence but i really dont wanna post it and have you read it...youre gonna see so many problems with your critical english teacher/author no Miss Wendt-Young, you wont see it here (: