Thursday, June 14, 2012

Wellington is so and cool and Reeking of confidence

Or maybe I'm just too shattered and my judgement is blurred.


Nah, I love this place, wish I was here longer ...but at least I got to see my sister, nephew, her hubster and family and my other cousin.

Anyhow, this morning started at 5am and I drove to the Samoan shop in otahuhu to buy island food for the Samoans here....don't aks! Hah...anyhow, at 6am, that Samoan shop is humming with the smells of everything yum, and I have never seen such a spread of Samoan food that I have not come across since the days of Moses and The ark.

Pia Sua, supo esi, faausi esi, kalo kao, kalo saka, kalo vela, kalo kalo, pai fala, masoa (really!?) and then the funniest to me was the shelves, it looked like any shop in outback Samoa: filled with mostly two items: corned beef and tinned fish.

They even had kauaga! And masi Samoa....

So as I was waiting my turn, I was feeling rather disgusted at how everything is basically unhealthy food, further drowned in coconut cream and or salt or sugar.."yukk!!!" I thought....diskusteeing!!

And while I was looking down on that unhealthy stuff, the shop assisant walks out with a chilli bin full of steamy stuff,,,,and placed it next to me, and as you would, I opened it and the steam was coming from like, a hundred freshly cooked pork buns.

So I thought to myself "I'm sure my cousin avao will like some keke Puaa"...and proceeded to buy and eat one, Eio, 6am o'clock in the mouning?...disgustttttingly yumm.

So after the beautifully steamed and slightly spiced keke Puaa, I totally forgot about Avao, and anyhow, she would have been disgusted with the stuff anyway.

Theres another thing to add to my bucket list

Eat keke Puaa at

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