Saturday, June 16, 2012

Tuiga almost complete, and my faalogogaka 'helper'

Today, more than most days, I realise how much I can achieve when my children are out of sight.

As much as I love them, they take up so much of my time, and leave a trail of mess behind them...for me to clean.

This morning, a Saturday, like every other, I get woken up by Tui at 6am, and then by Moelagi at 6:30 because Tui was pulling her hair while she was trying to sleep, in MY bed.

So if any teens are out there reading this and wanting to rush into making babies......think twice, you will never get to sleep in again.

Anyhow, I left terrible two with hungover Frenchy and I spent it downstairs finishing this tuiga....I even got sick of making it but thought, "anything but putting up with those 2".

Argh, if you see me making 6 tuigas a week, it's because I. am. Sick of cleaning up after other people and am locking myself downstairs.

Have a child free weekend yall....lucky you!

Ps: free tuiga if you can take my nightmares off me for a weekend. And take the hubby too, thanks.

Email me if you're interested in this one, but do note, the siapo at the bottom is a siapo sash I just tied on for the photo. Without the siapo, it's just lau u'a (tapa cloth without mamanu applied, but will do that tomorrow.

Thank you,




Goldgurl said...

Another gorgeous pic of your daughter :) Lovely tuiga too btw!! Not ever having worn one do they stay pu on your head - I imagine they are quite heavy - or at the very least a bit of a blancing act to keep on? Is there a clip that holds it in place?

Goddess said...

Hi gold girl, thanks (: wearing one is easy if u get someone to help u, and I make mine so that it's really comfy on the head and well secured. I'm learning after years of wearing tuigas that leave my forehead with serious marks and near fainting in public!