Saturday, June 30, 2012

Otara today was fantastic!

Not the market itself but the actual book signing event by Lani Wendt Young and her awesome team.

Great performances by Tatau Dance Group (from Savai'i, FYI:) Marekoand others who we missed because the kids were crying for churros.The highlight was meeting Lani again after all these years, and seeing her beautiful children involved in her literary journey along with all her supporters and committed fans.

So I walked up to the signing table to buy a book, and Lani's daughter was perched confidently at her seat, looking very very busy. I asked if I could buy a copy of the book and she smiled at me efficiently as said "Go over there first and then here please". Then she smiled warmly and went back to her busy schedule.

Far out, I don't want to mess with her.

Anyhow, it was great to see so many people queuing up to buy their precious copy and seeing the support on the day.

I know that for many people, they can tick something on their bucket list

[] Meet an author and get a signed copy of her book. Check!

You can find out more by visiting Lani's blog, sleeplessinsamoa, where you'll also find out more about getting your own copy.

Malo lava le fa'aea atunuu



Lani Wendt Young said...

Thank you so much for the support on Saturday. I loved the chance to quickly catch up with you - and meet your beautiful daughter. YOu make me feel very old though...cant believe i used to teach you....*hugs and love*

Goddess said...

Thanks lani, magaia le book launch and hope more islanders get to read the books...great read, love it!!!!!