Monday, June 11, 2012

My Independence

So this weekend, we returned to the Tron for their own Samoan celebrations.

Like many samoan affairs, so many chiefs and no Indians to do the feaus.

and then on the night, the few Indians turned into chiefs while some chiefs got legless.

I guess it's called Chiefs country for a reason.

A few days ago, I was called to come emcee the event because their preferred person has a family member passing, very sad and I found it hard to get out of this one,.,,,so off I went, ZERO idea what the event was and so forth,.

A day before the event, I got sent the programme,....professionally set in military precision. I was truly impressed and in fact, I was convinced it was set by someone who had little knowledge of....Samoan timing.

I did forewarn them that there will be peacocks wanting to flash their wares on the night.

And surely enough,...e moni lava,

There were plenty peacocks about, but it all panned out rather well, because there was a professional bunch ultimately managing the night. Great event culminating in a riveting performance by Cindy....the irreplaceable Cindy that makes Tina Turner look like a backup singer.

Overall, a fabulous night with a variety of entertainment, starting with an opera singer who simply wowed the audience, she is of Tongan heritage I believe, names MAddison Nonoa...gorgeous and a voice of an angel.

Another performance I found a winner on the night was a Maori duo, Tearohanui Mangu and Don Clarke, the crowd were on their feet and shouting "en core", fab jazz tunes.

All in all, great night, only set back was the food....there was no Puaa.

And I know exactly what you're thinking "Eh! What a typical fob, judged the event with her stomach!"

..after the event, I felt disgustingly sober around our friends who were, for lack of a better term, shitfaced.

I knew the bottles of 'coke' they were sipped was actually 95% Whiskey and the rest was coke for colourings sake....I know this because I accidentally grabbed a bottle as I passed and then almost fell on my face as the whiskey hit the back of my throat. ..strange to say but it was nice to be the sober one who can claim to remember everything the day after, while everyone looked like shit and stank like the horotiu abattoir.

Malo le Eva. But thank goodness tis independence is over.



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