Saturday, June 23, 2012

Erakah, what a beautiful and real inspiration

Image from Click here to go buy her music...go on!
She is a 26 year old singing sensation - and up until an hour ago, she was just another gorgeous Kiwi musician, who is here at this event about Life, and being worth it.

Then she rocked up to the mic and what she said moved me, what an inspiration:

"I love this event because I can relate. I had issues with adoption. I thought to myself "no one loves me". I met this guy who beat the crap out of me everyday. Then he began to rape me. Then I went through depression. And then I ended up in those wards where they give you medication...hahah(yes, she was cheerful and smiling as she told her story). In the end, I had to forgive myself. To forgive others. Tough times come and that light in the tunnel that i thought was a train? was gonna run me over, ...that light was not a train, It was God. there's nothing I want more than keeping my heart pure"

Wow - she is my hero for being where she is today.....overcoming those barriers.
She is my hero.

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Teine Samoa said...

I love that- keeping it real even when that is really hard! Super inspirational!