Saturday, June 23, 2012

Advance Pasifika starts from amongst and within us,...

Today, there is an expo happening in Manukau, where Some churches team up with more than 60 providers to give young people options, be it in the workforce, universities, techs, private training institutions ...whatever, They choose.

..what I am finding interesting is that there is mainly smaller churches, not the usual big churches.

Two nights ago, a bunch on women got together in their own event celebrating pacific women leaders.

Two separate events that exemplify how we can advance Pasifika forward: from amongst us.

For both events, they are initiatives that are from amongst Pasifika people wants to influence their people to do better in our new home, New Zealand.

If we can have more of these events to encourage us, then we are better off.....before we start protesting to the Government for equality.

If you are frustrated about the standard of living, ...then join the queu, we all are and we all feel cheated when we put $60 in the petrol tank and before you exhale, the pump more languishing and inhaling the fumes accidentally and no more time to clean your's nozzle in, petrol gone, next.

So what can we do? Do we want our children subjected to this struggle?

No,...but we can better prepare them for the realities...and that means staying in school, getting employable skills and learning to support themselves,...and ideally, paying for YOU at Mapuifagalele, hah.

okay, I'm ranting a bit because I'm sick of seeing the vicious cycle of lazy people doing nothing and then crying wolf.

K, will try do a positive post next, but in the meantime,....Advance Pasifika must come from amongst us first before we continuing whining about better opportunities (that we already have access to).

Manuia le aso.


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