Friday, June 15, 2012

Advance Pasifika March this Saturday

This Saturday, there will be a protest march in Auckland City for Pasifika people.
I just got sent some more details about it (pasted below for anyone bursting with the need to sing in the streets demanding equality and what not).
The March is called "Advance Pasifika" and below is more deets about it:

ADVANCE PASIFIKA march this Saturday to support the protest against unfairness and inequality experienced by Pacific Island members of our community. Marchers will walk from Albert Park down to Aotea Square, where Mayor Len Brown and Pacific Island Affairs Minister Hekia Parata will be invited to speak.
The event is billed as a march "for affordable housing, better education, quality healthcare, fairness in our justice system, jobs, our children and families, our churches, a better future, Auckland ... Aotearoa".
"This is the first Pacific march. It's historic. It's a poor people's march," says Auckland University chaplain, Uesifili UNasa. "Our children don't get taught. The children of the poor are given secondary education at best. They are there to play first XV rugby and to go and dance in Polyfest," he said. Another organiser, Will 'Ilolahia, said 56 per cent of Pacific people were New Zealand-born and wanted an equal part in society.

The moderator of the Presbyterian Church's northern presbytery, the Rev Fakaofo Kaio, said the march's message was: "Please treat us equally.My standing with it is like a voice for the voiceless, because there are a lot of Pacific Island people who won't know what to do," he said. "They just keep quiet."
I applaud the organisers for this inititive, ....BUT (you saw that coming a ea), I crinch at how this has come about and I question the 'effectiveness' of this supposed 'Peoples' march.

For starters, there is far too much loaded in this protest. The organisers should have sat down together and pulled out key themes,...narrow it down so that there is less scattered 'noise' and more strength in more cohesive message.

Secondly, this protest march looks and stinks like one fueled by the Labour Party and its discontented Pacific MPs, who continue to rant and rave about us being victims and forget to inspire and push those who actually are trying to make things happen.

When I saw the march planned, I was excited, as I wanted to be there, but now, seeing this pathetic press release makes me want to hide.

On the other hand, this is my suggested alternative to those  who will march tomorrow:

Church Leaders: Focus on the youth in your churches. Start to give a damn about their future and start to show an interest in their education. Youth and chilren. And cutting down on bingos and fundraisings so those parents can spent time with their children. Well done to the Samoan Methodists who are doing Career Expos and some EFKS around here....the rest, what are you doing????

Parents: You can protest all you want, but be mindful that those politicians are just, maybe using you to get ammo for their political frustrations. Tell them to get their fat asses back to Parliament and do their job, not using their people to gain support halfway through election term
Young people: No protest will solve your problems today. Stay in school, get your 80 credits in NCEA, excel in Level 2 and get $$$ scholarships, kick ass in Level 3 and you'll be sweet for University, Polytechnics or Training institutions. There are no quick fixes. Switch off Facebook and do some work. 

And as for criticising Polyfest....I wonder who came up with those terms? because isn't Polyfest an initiative from the Pacific community themselves? Shooting themselves in the jandal I see.  

Good luck and no disrespect for those who are genuinely marching for unfairness and inequality and believe that it will make a difference.  
Manuia outou matua, ae ola matou le fanau soifua.

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Goldgurl said...

Ditto everything ^ she said :)
Nothing gartes me more than churches who claim to care...and who claim their people are NOT pressured into giving...yeah right.