Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Upega Tafa'i lagi

I am enjoying listening to the Samoan news, I love how the translation takes away the palagi context and it becomes Samoanised,

AM a bit slow but only learned this morning that Internet or world wide web is Upega Tafa'ilagi...woohooo!
It makes me think of a fishing net cast into the sky and it catches all kinds of things like cybersharks, fishbytes and facehooks.

Weve transported our language from Samoa to our new homeland ...like saying to kafu the ki in the morning, even though no one is squatting over an open fire blowing air under a blackened teapot.


French Bay on Mother's Day

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Goldgurl said...

lol @ kafu the ki but no one is squatting!! Thank goodness for that hahaha!!

lol@ facehooks...hate to think what we can catch with those kind of hooks!!