Wednesday, May 02, 2012

Samoans and Tongans, we have more in common than you think

Which is why reading Hon. Frederica Lupeuluiva's piece on our close and intertwined relationship is a breath of fresh frangipanis and roast pork with taro and fish in pe'epe'e and lemon juice.  Brilliant.

Read her views here.

I wholeheartedly agree,

We have much more in common that we care to acknowledge.

The connections between us, Tonga (and Fiji) are strong, and our genealogies are filled with intermarriages, inter-island voyages, exchanges and a rich shared history.

We too have a strong Tongan and Fijian connection and are proud of it:
In brief,  Lealali's son, Tupaimatua (Tupaimatuna) married Laufafaetoga, daughter of Tongan chief and had two children, Vaasiliifiti and Fotuosamoa.
Even today, we have one part of our family who look Fijian, down to the "fro" mania (: descendants of Lautala.
We have been fortunate enough to retrace these links and find family in Fiji (and connections to Motu'apuaka) ....and they too were aware of this shared history!

Morgan Tuimalealiifano, an academic in USP Suva and a matai from Salelologa wrote a book about Samoans in Fiji, Migration, Identity, and Communication. It is a fascinating read for genealogy freaks out there.

Another beautiful wrirtten piece about these connections is by Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese about negotiating boundaries: sufiga o tuaoi

There is tons of historical accounts about this shared history.

Needless to say, we have much more in common than otherwise,
Leave the anger and racial slander to idiots who know nothing about their past or their present. Tuu ai pea le vale e fasa.

So Yes, there is much more we should celebrate together.

And with that, may I declare this "Hug a Tongan Today" Day.
"Kiss a Fijian Day" tomorrow.
"Punch a Samoan" on Friday ....friendly punch, please heh.

Ofa atu vinaka vaka levu, "Taki!"

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panipopos said...

Nice post! Don't forget Tickle a Tokelauan Day and Be Nice to a Niuean Day. Now we got a full week of Polynesian love.