Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Orator and the Virtuous Samoan Sex Kitten.

We went to the Writers and Readers Festival today to hear and support Tusi during public discussion with Sima Urale about The Orator.

It was packed inside, perhaps over a 100 people and most have watched the movie.

Great to see and it seems everyone have been captivated by The Orator.

It was great to be there.

And Sima talked about the Samoan love / attitude to graves, how we sleep on graves, sit on graves, hang out around graves,...e Sao lelei, we were laughing too because it is true.

Another funny moment was talking about Litia getting chased by the village women, Zig zagging on the one road and then getting a near hiding at home...and Sima was right to say that that girl wasn't a victim...she was strong as and ready to take on the aualuma. Tusi talked about that scene on the road, it is just ONE road and there is no way out for LItia.

Now, at this point in time, let me borrow from that Orator theme and continue with a real life matter:

Just Like Litia, we all grew up within strict boundaries and unseen walls of rules. We knew what was expected of us as young children, and then as young women,.

As children, we obeyed EVERYONE and we did what we were ordered to do.

As young women, we obeyed Everyone OLDER than us and ordered the smalls to do the feaus. (Jokes but really.)

We had to follow the rules of the family, the village, the church, the culture, the universe.

In return, we grew up as part of a community that protected us, nurtured us, raised us into the people we are today.

Oh what a wonderful upbringing, we all say.

But what lurks beneath this well woven facade of rules and mores and expectations?

What happens when the lights are out? And when adults forget their role of care and love and respect?

When I see Litia, I think of a girl who develop thick skin and an "other" persona where she is not obedient and God fearing and virtuous.

But a hormonal sexual creature who shags a married man because. She is not supposed to. She does it because, like Obama says "Yes she can!"

She still remains a virtuous young girl in her mothers eyes, .and it makes me sad, because that mother

A). does not know the truth.

B). In denial.

C). Is so ignorant of the truth that she will overlook the problems and hope that her daughter will change.

Let me say this now, as a young woman who once shagged boys (unmarried fank you very much) at the height of my obedient God fearing virtuous phase.....if you think your daughter is doing the dirty, then you are probably right.

Talk to her. Get her contraception. Stop pretending nothing is happening. Stop trying to be her friend, and start being a parent, NOW!. because very soon, you are going to be a grandparent.

Have a restful Sunday people,

Lots of luv,

The Virtuous Goddess.


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