Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Latest tuiga, Hawaii bound

Finally, I have finished this tuiga.
It took me a lot longer to complete because the last few weeks have been full on in this household ...but may I say, ....phew, it is done.
I also started on a new one but with hot pink feathers, for a change,...just to break away from tradition. ...I know that I may just rip off the pink when I come to my senses next week, but we'll see.
Thanks to my indecisive Librian nature, I kept stalling, and so I decided that whenever I ran into a 'mental' wall I will revert to the hot pink number for inspiration. It worked!

I'm calling this one, Safotulafai (: because:
1: The owner originates from Fusi, Safotulafai...yay!
2: It's the Home of Lauaki Namulaulu that I mentioned in my Independence Entry below., and it's fitting that I completed it on the eve of so called "Independence"

Email me at if youre interested in one.
Manuia le faamanatuina o le Fu'a o le Saolotoga o lo tatou atunuu pele o Samoa.


Goldgurl said...

Another stunning creation from you :) Malo lava :) Can't wait to hear about how it's going to make it's way to Hawaii...will it be as dramatic as the last one hehehe?

ReaderWriter said...

Beautiful work Goddess!