Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Oka Fauolo - There's no one else like him around

Oka Fauolo was a man of God, but even more so, he was a man of the people, unafraid to speak his mind and unfraid of the wrath of others.
He was true to his word, stood up for the rights of others, spoke frankly about the ills within the church without a worry in the world.
I will miss him for his honesty and his faith.
I will miss him because he lived a simple life and preached this to his fellow faifeaus.
There will be no more letters to the editor to look forward to.
No more words of wisdom from the man from Fusi Safotulafai who could and did.

Key moments that remind me of his wisdom,...the aftermath of the tsunami when numerous bodies were brought to the Hospital and there was chaos and cries and disarray, Oka became the calming presence who got people to stop, reflect and 'think' before losing the plot altogether. Thank you ):

When Hon. Hans Joachim Keil was unjustly arrested by FBI for 'posing as an American citizen when he's not an American national (err, minor details here: he's Vietnam veteran)....Oka was at that protest March in Samoa supporting Joe Keil.

Road Switch? He was there, along with the numerous letters to Samoa Observer.

Scientology? He ruffled their feathers a wee bit (:

Introduction of Casino Bill? He was against it. Vocally. ...not that it matters, it still went ahead.

Writing the History of the Church, he did that.

He did so much more and he spoke for so many of us, and he is an inspiration to those who knew him.

Manuia lau malaga

   This is a sad day for Samoa ):

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