Thursday, April 26, 2012

I don't give a damn you see

More and more these days, I'm finding myself - unbothered and unworried about;

Eh, about things I used to lose sleep over,

Like climate change, corruption, obesity, sea level rise, financial illiteracy (auuuuuu, Isa! Ghandi who?)

haha, okay, maybe I didn't lose sleep over it, but I cared a lot about it before.

I cared so much that I used to be so vocal and spent hours doing things and submitting things, eh, I can't even be bothered talking about.

I just find the whole 'dialogue' thing absolutely irrelevant, elitist and a costly exercise.

But I care enough to say, there are actual people within the United Nation's programmes , fact, majority of them spending hours, months and years earning ridiculous amounts of money doing:


Example: World Summit for Information Society. Aka WSIS.

To cut a long story short, it started off great, consulting key people, including "third world" people in an effort to "include" them in various Goals, PLans, initiatives, open education resource portals avenues, you name it, they've named it something fancier.

Every time WSIS events roll round, you get an influx of overpaid employees seeking views, drumming up feedback etc from diff stakeholders etc, the glitz event gets attended by the same people.. after the event?


As to why they bother wasting excessive amounts of money and resources on a system that can't distinquish it's ass from its face is beyond me.

And for that reason, and more...I don't care.

Because doing nothing is as effective and flogging a dead UN horse.

Fank you for your coming Ban Ki Poots

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