Sunday, April 01, 2012

Case closed ....skip this post, it's loooooooong zzzzzzzz

Last week, and several decades prior, my mother has been preparing, fasting and planning for a court case that is very important to her, and for every person with Tuisafua running through their veins.

To keep a long story short but still drawn out that you will nod off:

Our village is called Safua.

It is part of a larger village called Lalomalava.

There are three 'subvillages' of Lalomalava. for my family and friends who are reading this, you are probably thinking "ogay, get on with the stoli vasti! why are you talking to us like we're clueless?'


This is why.

Because I am writing this for the clueless. to be exact, I write this for the haters and the losers who send me hate comments every time I majestically grace this subject with my Goddess disposition. Pugi.

Listen. And. Learn.


Since the 70s, our family have lost so much, because of bullying by the small minded Matai of Safua.

yes...bring on the hate comments,,,,I have a cyber toilet spared for you and your comments too.


As a result if that bullying, and thanks to a political voting system, it meant every Sosogo and his dog was getting a Tupaimatuna Matai title.

Today, we have many many idiots carrying titles that DO NOT belong to them.

Hello, I am sure you have seen a bald headed idiot swinging with a monkey named just that.


In any case, when we took the matter to court, we won.

But the village, wounded and worried that their superficial 'pule' over the title will now be taken away, turned around and gave our family an ultimatum:


"Give us the pule to the title and you will stay part of the village.

If you refuse, we will remove you"


We chose the latter, ....stubborn as we are, we are not going to bow to clowns.

more importantly, we could not be removed because we have not wronged.

So in an awkward move, my mother (who lead the case in court) was sort of removed.

but not really.

She was excluded from the monthly meetings and village decisions, but the rest of her family and Matai were still included.

She was still part of the village, she was still recognised by the greater village (Lalomalava)

But not by the clowns at Safua.

normally, when a Matai is truly ostracised, they are announced for the rest to acknowledge.

they couldn't do this for Tuisafua. Because her 'crime' couldn't be ...well, what crime?

Standing up for her faasinomaga is a crime? Standing up to theft and stopping it is a crime?


Anyhow, this isn't over, the angry family who want to take what is ours, didn't stop there.

They appealed the decision.

Last week at the Appeals Court, they made a monkey of themselves again.

This time, to a greater audience.

And again, they lost.


How can you win when you are lying? How can you win when you are trying to reword and rewrite history that is actually inked and retold and UNCONTESTED by various groups?


I am grateful that my mother has stood her ground.

I am humbled that she had a stronghold of family around her supporting her, irrespective of the taunts and hatred from persons of little vision and integrity and ..honesty.


Fai mai le kala a le Kamaloa Pu'apu'a "E ke fiu lava e gaga le kekea a e pupula mai lava ona mata"


So sorry you all with Tupaimatunas to your name and you are from that other side,....might need to change your Facebook name now, cheers putidos.


Ps, you can also email me your hate comments to or my Facebook name is Malefee Asimea.


Peace be with you.










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