Friday, March 23, 2012

Fia lelei, the act of overly being nice unnecessarily without thinking things through.

Some time 2 weeks ago, someone, who I had dealt with already, asked me if I could do something for them.

They wanted a Kiki Fulumoa urgently, but had only a week or so before the event, could they give me some money if I did it?

I responded confidently that 'of course I could, it's just a Kiki, and I have done numerous sei fulumoas, so hey, no worries, and keep your money, aua le popole!

(coz ya know, I'm stinking rich so money isn't an issue *tongue dripping with sarcasm*)

Six late nights later of sewing and gluing and cutting and inhaling fly away feathers, let me hang my head in shame and say, ua makuai ova lava Lou fia lelei sole...I just topped the scale for being overnice unnecessarily and underestimating the extent of this task.

For starters, I have never in my life done a full kiki Fulumoa.

Secondly, it just used up a stack of my own resources because I stupidly suggested its not a big job.

Thirdly, the taupou I am doing this is not what you'd call a slim Sina.

Rather, she is a healthy well nourished young woman with booootay. And when you measure the width of her ba-donk-a-donk and hold the tape measure up, then sister soul: this is not a little Kiki Fulumoa.

Let's just say its a whole factory of hens and a half.

I have been away much of the time, so much of this work has been done in random rooms, in the drivers seat, at the back of a school hall, during breaks at the festival...oka oka e, ova le fia lelei.

Now, rather than cry wolf about it, I just had to suck it up last night and finish it. ..yes, suck up the fly away feathers at that.

As a result if this fia lelei blunder, I have now given realistic timeframes to interested people., no more 'sure I can' ...I'm now about 'yes I can, but it will take xxx amount of time. Less stress for me, my fingers and the vivacious taupou.

Yessir, no more fia lelei.




ulalei said...

a'e...koddess ai chae! nearly choked on my sandwich reading your post! LMAO. Le koe maua e se isi oe... malo lava le faafiafia! :)

Teine said...

and don't forget to charge for your services girl, kele mea e alu lou kaimi koe provide uma e oe materials lol, ua ova lou alofa lol