Thursday, March 08, 2012

Destroying what's left of our history

Today, a group of passionate Samoans are at the Fale Fono at Tiafau, in the hope that Stui and the gutless Members of Parliament won't proceed with demolishing an important part of our history.
They (Govt) said the purpose behind demolishing the derelict building is because it is beyond repair and removing it will provide more field space.
Yes - You, and I voted these clueless assholes into Parliament, they have no respect for our history.
They have already defaced Tiafau with the two ginormously ugly Chinese buildings on both sides, dwarfing the very space our leaders proclaimed our independence.
They have already wiped out the grand houses that once lined Beach Road and Mulinuu.
Just simply, disgraceful.
In Tuilaepa's bulldozer bid for economic progress and prosperity, he has trampled over and spat on the real hard work of our ancestors, done without aid, development funds and soft loans. He is gradually erasing the monuments and landmarks that gave us a sense of history, belonging, pride in the journey we have travelled,, not the journey in the last 10 Chinese years, but that prior....when we were actually independent.

In saying all this, PUMA probably have 'historical sites/building preservation' as one of thier strategies? surely? and if not, why not?

Goddess Recommendation
Keep the parts that are errr, keepable(!) like the central pou tus and then rebuild the structure in the traditional form and make it a museum and THE official place for official functions and the HOS's meeting point.

Alexander Turnbull Library Reference: 1/2-0206999-F
Photographer: Alfred James Tattersall

Caption: O.F. Nelson with his daughters in front of the Parliament building (Fale Fono), on their return to Samoa following his first exile, 1933. Image from NZ Hiustory online

Thank you for the otorpunity, case closed.

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