Thursday, February 02, 2012

Teenagers today

Wow - I spent a whole day (ending at 10pm last night) with a bunch of teenagers. 97 of them.
And I was pleasantly suprised at their level of majurity (and no, this is not a Tui ad).
As a group, they were so well mannered, listened and stayed focus for hours of talks and lectures and zzzzzzzz, even I was struggling to focus,.
As individuals, these 15-17 year olds were hungry for information and we asking questions about their study paths 3 years down the line. Wow - I was Impressed indeed.

It did make me wonder about my own experience at that age (at which my thoughts were occupied by anything but school. True story ask Mrs Barlow).
I wish we had this set up at Samoa college where career advisors could talk to us about what's out there. Also having industry leaders to talk about their own journey, knowing that not everyone is gonna be a rocket scientist. In fact, wouldn't it be usefuly to have a real kaulealea from the village talk about their role and experience? All those would have informed me of what I could be, of what marks I needed to achieve, or WHY I needed to achieve those marks. Like getting a job for starters, but also, getting scholarships, getting considered ahead of other applicants because I was diligent (i wasn't, i'm just hypothesising) and so much more.

What I did receive at that age in terms of advice was rather vague: Study hard so you will pass.
Study hard or else you will end up like ^%(&^ riding the Laifoni all day with no aim in life.
Come first or else I will beat you with that hose. (Yeah, that one hanging by the Bible).

Anyhow, my message to myself is, get your budding student to find career and academic advice early on. Let them map their 'possible' futures themselves without you (me) breathing down their  neck. Well, maybe breath down their neck to show up is a good start, heh.

K, manuia le aso!


panipopos said...

"Ke vava'ai gei pe a e le pasi"...yes, I also had it drummed into my head that "education is everything" literally, now I'm out on my own in the world, I think that while education is important, other things are important too, like finding a vocation you are passionate about, and being happy, and developing social skills...and I wish someone had told me exactly what Uni was about, because I honestly spent my first couple of years wondering what the heck was going on...actually, I'm still wondering...oh, the lost years...

Goddess said...

Haha Sao lelei many death threats pea le pasi seuga lol...faiga lava o le olaga.