Saturday, February 11, 2012

Packed and ready to roll..over

We are sleeping in our bedroom, all three of us on this second to last night in our first ever home ): I know....bring out the violin! The first truck load left this arvo, taking the big stuff, except our bed.

As a result, MMoelagi naturally takes it as hers with her old man, and Cindefela sleeps on the floor. ”
thankfully, Lgi is here to help me out and The WPtrsn family arrive in the morning to help out. We are still gonna celebrate STuifitis birthday as well, just for our close friends...Ie close enough to know that the will sit on the floor at some point and fetch milk from the Chiller.
Eh so much work but I'm excited. Today was my division planning day as well and last here in the Tron before moving to the new office. chaotic day trying to organise the move and sit in and focus on presentations....I was there physically but my mind was at home, and at daycare where my babies were having their last day ...Maeva was thankfully excited,STuifiti was clueless but he was spoilt even more as it is his birthday today. Other than that, all is good. My friend Mg gave me a huge bag of goodies for MM as well...I love these amazing people around me,....I'm so lucky! Faafetai, Merci, THank You, Meitaki maata.


imafob said...

"le malie" ONLY because it sounded like a sad post. lol HELLO. new to blogging but i really like your blogs but i dunno how to follow your blogs. (: please check mine? fa'amolemole pilisi thanks. x (p.s if you could just..let me know how to follow blogs that would be seki) ^_^

ReaderWriter said...

Happy birthday to Tuifiti! Nothing beats a celebration with your nearest and dearest : ) All the best for the big move too!

Betty said...

:) Good Luck Goddess, excited to hear about the new adventures but if feels so sad like I'm saying goodbye to people I know LOL (nutty much I know!) like MM's bestie and the daycare where she sang the birthday song and the conservatory where the frangipani bloomed! So many memories (oka e iloa i le comment nei lo'u stalkaration faasoloatoa lol) All the best and HAPPY BIRTHDAY to the smiliest and best natured little 1 year I know :) lots of kisses for Tuif xox