Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Is it just me or anyone else getting spammed with

Samoa accommodation bs? (and I won't name it here in case they get attention, freakos)

It's irritating to say the least!

As far as I am concerned, (ie as a Goddess of Spam and all, pugi), the ONLY legitimate Samoa accommodation site that exist in Samoa is run by Samoa Hotels Asociation and Samoa Tourism, where all their members are included.
Individual accommodation providers run their own websites too, (by the way, Amanaki is goooorgeous).

There are now lots of holiday homes mainly in Apia you can rent, many come with vehicles if you book long term. Try holidayhomes for these ones,...there's a lovely home in Vaiala I'd love to wake up in and watch the waves (pe'a leai se galu lolo).
Then there is the straight-forward booking with the provider directly and if you are a local there is a local rate.

So, if anyone else gets that accommodation crap through their comments - its bs.
In other news, ...the Manu are in Vegas, lets hope for a better result...c'mon boys!
Those are your lungs! Follow their journey on the Go the Manu FB page.

(PD, ska commission please, haha)


perpetual-drifter said...

Malo Goddess...promote ifo le kakou website e fai mai ai bookings! Haha.

Go the Manu!

Malelega said...

I got that spam too.