Monday, February 27, 2012

Eating humble pisupo

Recently, I was invited to crash another organisation's 'event'.
My organisation does the same kind of 'event'.
And I walked away with big lessons and a really full belly....e sa'o ai le pese a Vao... "Ua faafetaaaaiii"
Aside from the obvious eye opener and the belly stretcher, it was a welcome reminder that sometimes, you just need to get out of your little world and see how other do it....and look in from the outside. And smile (:
Not to copy or to judge their way of doing things but more so to give you a knock in the head and realise,

"It is all relative and nothing is new under the sun. We are sometimes so preoccupied with our little issues but if we knew that in the greater scheme of things that our 'little issues' are actually pretty common and it is stuff that have happened, will happen and still happening, then what the hell,...stop stressing and take it all in your stride!"

More importantly, people respect you not because you have several initials behind your name, or that you have the vocabulary to match. No, what matters the most is how you treat others. The same way you want to be treated. Simple as that. Nothing beats having good, clear and positive communications with people. In general.
If you are all about drama. You are going to be just another MINUS in people's lives. Try listening for a change....and shut what the late Bob Rankin said in Palagi Tafaovale about listening and showing interest, it makes people feel good and value yourr relationship. (move over Dr Phil, my Goddess ass just imprinted on your couch).

Okay, take care people - I hope you will be a positive caring kindred spirit to those around you.
As for me, I'm off to have a very MINUS faikakala session with Mr Avaiki Nius at the coffee shop across the street....and I sure hope he has juicy drama to share, hahahah.

Disclaimer: Do NOT follow the advice I offer on this blog. In fact, do the opposite of what I say and you'll be fine.

Change is gooooood

Today is a reminder of why we uprooted from our first ever home and started all over again:
Luau, oka and taro drowned in coconut cream.

Oh, and kids who can look after the kids.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Chip in a window

Yesterday, as I was doing the Scott Dixon to the Tron for work and a truck with an unsecure load of shit like gravel passed by and I was left with 4 chips on my windowscreen.
Fecking bastard I hope he's so constipated and can't shit for a month.

And on that note, I wish you all a wonderful weekend, don't forget, under 2 weeks to go before Pasifika Festival,...we will be in the Samoa Village, but if you want to join our wee competition, please do and post a pic on your blog: Buy a frangipani for $15 or less and see whose one dies  flowers first.
Also, the new thing this year the organisers are crazily doing is fencing off the whole venue and only 6 access avoid peak toimes and don't trample kids and ducks on the way. Oh, and there's gonna be more toilets too.

Manuia le Aso Faraile,

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

My Day at the Beach

I'm pretending that this was written by my 4 year old after Sunday's expedition:

Dear Diary,

Today, my mother excitedly told me and my brother and my father that she found a fabulous beach 10 minutes from my house. She told me to pack my beach bag and get my favourite swimming togs. I chose the purple ones from last year. I also found my own hat and my Disney sunnies and my brother's hat. I was so excited that I also packed my dad's shorts and I was at the door hurrying everyone along.
When we finally left, my dad was in a shitty mood and my mom was yelling at him to get over himself and stop being in a shitty mood. Then my dad remembered he forgot his wallet and had to go back and get it. I was a really hot day as well, so I was just looking forward to jumping in the cool water and splashing around.
Well, Dairy, my mother fucked it up, the exciting beach was actually what you would call more of an estuary. Without water. And why do I know this?
Because my father and I WALKED through the mud to reach the water, and it was about a 20 minute walk. It was so far that when we got to the water, I was tired and the wind had picked up and when we looked back, my mother and brother were only dots at the beach. To be frank, my mother was like fly shit from that distance.
Then we walked back, in the mud. To the beach without water and the sand that is actually broken shells and rocks.
AT that point, Miss Diary, I was famished. And there was a Samoan family eating from about 15 pots of cooked taro, chopa suey, cole slaw, sausages and everything nice. But I didn't care, because my mother washed the mud off me and opened up a can of spaghetti and bread. What a marvellous mother she is *gag gag*
And that, Miss Diary, is my story about my day at the waterless beach with my father, brother and $%$mother.

Ka muamua le guku ka ai le pe'a. Just a thought of the day.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Alo lau foe with Gaualofa

or at least, have a nosey on their blog to see where they are at.

If you've just joined our live broadcast (lol), Gaualofa is a vaa folau from Samoa which is one of several in the Pacific that sailed to the Americas and it looks like they just left Cabo San Lucas on the way to Galapagos....(auuu. isa! fia expert ae leiloa poo fea e ku ai San Puka, lol).

If you don't care for the stories, at least look at the pweety pics of the 'traditionally' inspired sails....but the stories are funny sometimes...go ahead, have a lookie look.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Warning, DO NOT USE THIS Scholarship scheme PIPEF

I know someone who applied and waited more than 15 months to get her scholarship money and it took her countless phonecalls, emails, more emails and unreturned phone calls and it got to the point where she was so deperate for the money she ended up writing to the Minister of Education. It was long after her degree that she received her scholarship, thanks to the Minister responding and making it happen.
So I advise anyone, do not use Pacific Island Polynesian Education Foundation.
Dodgy as.

Free riding in Samoa: accessing the Salani waves

I have been following the Salani surf debacle on Samoa Observer, because you know foi a, the surf falls under my jurisdicktion as the Goddess. (stop rolling your eyeballs).

In brief, surfers from somewhere else parked somewhere near Salani, paddled out and tried surfing but the Salani resort employee 'chased' them back to land (sounds like a movie aye). The disgruntled surfers write to the paper and the Resort owners write back. yada yada yah.

My first impression is: Salani Resort, stop being greedy with the waves that are God's creation. Share the love.

But then I read on and realised, I needed to cancel my first impression.

Firstly, this resort have EVERY right to influence who rides the wave.
They have invested in a business and an ongoing relationship with the village, they have spent years maintaining, getting wiped out by a tsunami and then returning to rebuild their business.
It sucks to say this but if you think about it, most places in the world that attracts tourism are dealing with the same issue of ownership and access.
Look at Fiji, same problemo.
These tourists who are freelancing need to understand that if they smash their faces on the coral, they will need help, help that naturally will need to come from Salani Resort in the first instance....sorry dude, no 911 on this side of the rock
So there you have it, pay the fee and stop being a sissy about it.
And for Salani Resort, they need to be upfront about their policy and be upfront about their authority over the wave. Stop pissing about with sustainable access and cultural bs and respect, say it as it is: We paid to be here, we made this our home and our business, we have established a relationship with Salani Village Council and therefore, we will kick your surfie butt off our wave". Amen.

And last but not least, Samoa Tourism Authority and Govt need to make this clear in their "obsolete and never followed' strategies, spell out to the tourism stakeholders what constitutes 'ownership' in the jungle".

If you aren't aware of the Falealupo rainforest story, a matai Samoa (may he rest in peace) took the law into his own hands and chased out the loggers with a machete.
Lets not see a repeat people,....cheers
Goddess of the Surf.
*Disclaimer: I am saying this as an individual Goddess, so don't get your surfie panties in a twist over it. tai lava, faafetai faatau

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Romantic phone conversation with Frenchy on Valentines Day

Me: How were the kids this morning? (he dropped them off).
Frenchy: Good, they were okay, but La Tuif bombed his pants on arrival.
              Can you pick up the kids?
Me: If I finish early.
       By the way, Do you know its Valentines day today?
Frenchy: So, I don't believe in that commercial shit.
Me: Oh okay, fa. (abruptly hangs up and curses the day she met the fecking heartless bastard).

And on that light note, Happy Valentines and all that commercial shit,
Eh, Kao i se umu sole

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Packed and ready to roll..over

We are sleeping in our bedroom, all three of us on this second to last night in our first ever home ): I know....bring out the violin! The first truck load left this arvo, taking the big stuff, except our bed.

As a result, MMoelagi naturally takes it as hers with her old man, and Cindefela sleeps on the floor. ”
thankfully, Lgi is here to help me out and The WPtrsn family arrive in the morning to help out. We are still gonna celebrate STuifitis birthday as well, just for our close friends...Ie close enough to know that the will sit on the floor at some point and fetch milk from the Chiller.
Eh so much work but I'm excited. Today was my division planning day as well and last here in the Tron before moving to the new office. chaotic day trying to organise the move and sit in and focus on presentations....I was there physically but my mind was at home, and at daycare where my babies were having their last day ...Maeva was thankfully excited,STuifiti was clueless but he was spoilt even more as it is his birthday today. Other than that, all is good. My friend Mg gave me a huge bag of goodies for MM as well...I love these amazing people around me,....I'm so lucky! Faafetai, Merci, THank You, Meitaki maata.

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Is it just me or anyone else getting spammed with

Samoa accommodation bs? (and I won't name it here in case they get attention, freakos)

It's irritating to say the least!

As far as I am concerned, (ie as a Goddess of Spam and all, pugi), the ONLY legitimate Samoa accommodation site that exist in Samoa is run by Samoa Hotels Asociation and Samoa Tourism, where all their members are included.
Individual accommodation providers run their own websites too, (by the way, Amanaki is goooorgeous).

There are now lots of holiday homes mainly in Apia you can rent, many come with vehicles if you book long term. Try holidayhomes for these ones,...there's a lovely home in Vaiala I'd love to wake up in and watch the waves (pe'a leai se galu lolo).
Then there is the straight-forward booking with the provider directly and if you are a local there is a local rate.

So, if anyone else gets that accommodation crap through their comments - its bs.
In other news, ...the Manu are in Vegas, lets hope for a better result...c'mon boys!
Those are your lungs! Follow their journey on the Go the Manu FB page.

(PD, ska commission please, haha)

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Tuapou Talalelei Lefua Sene

My Uncle Lefua passed away in the weekend, in Tuasivi, Savaii.
He has been sick for a while, having lived a life filled with laughter, the clinking of Vailima greens and plenty of fasi povi masima.
As a court registrar, he was well known in court case circles.
And in Savaii, the sun, moon and the entire galaxies revolve around the court house in Tuasivi.
It is where matai titles are contested, fought over, appealed, re-appealed and thrown out.
Talalelei was at the heart of the action.
If you knew him, you were in a better place in the galaxies, because you knew whose titles have been apili'ed, soloia'd and which family is a itu kagi and which matai presented and made a fool of himself in explaining their gafa.
We will miss him for these insights into the intricate world of court cases.
But more than that, we will miss a happy cheerful man who loved life,
Who did not care for the talkers and the recylers and creator of malicious talk (a.k.a. faikakala ma le au su'e kala). HIs response was always a laugh.
I will miss him.
But even more frightening, is that reminder that he is a younger generation, gone too soon.
I foolishly presumed he was going to grow old in our family.
And we, the younger (!) generation could live freely knowing our family is being protected by him, my mother, my uncles and other matais from Tautala and Futu's descendants.
But no, it is not to be,
I look at his sons and daughters and I feel sad and a little shocked, they were suppose to have their protector around for longer. Now they are forced to step up and be the elders for their family.
This is sad, but this is also a reminder that time is of essence, we have much to learn about our family.
We have much to understand and fight for.
Our generation need to be prepared to fight for what is right, and stand tall for our land, titles and faasinomaga.
Talalelei Lefua was part of our family who went to court and suceeded in returning the pule of these matai titles to our Tuisafua Family:
Tupaimatuna, Tuapou, Vaasiliifiti and Lealali.
He was there to ensure that our future generations will grow up to know that these are our heritage and claim to our land, our tuaa have worked hard to ensure we are in a better place.
 Manuia lau malaga i le lagi.

Manu Samoa

Wellington Sevens in the weekend and it didn't go to us ): but its okay, ...we'll do better in Vegas (:
If you haven't already, join the Go the Manu FB page and get to-the-second live updates of the Manu team, their next move, the size of their thighs, their scrummage positioning and every key stats that you needed.
The reports are provided by a very committed and passionate team lead by a committed and passionate stalkerStella.
Wouldn't it be nice if she was at all the legs of the tourny?
Just a thought, because when it goes further away from our Hemisphere it goes a little bit quiet):

Friday, February 03, 2012

Back breaking stuff

For some reason, despite going to bed at 1am and getting up at 6am, I am sprightly and 'awake'.
Then I realised I have not had to get up 4 times to do Tuifiti's milk, or put cream on MM's eczema, or get water, or change a nappy.
Wow! I have had perfect, uninterrupted sleep!
Thank you children.
(Thank you warm lavender bath before bedtime....such is my advise to any new parent,...after work, keep kids outside (rain or shine, hahah) tire them out, feed them, then nice warm bath and then, voila!
Knocked out wee ones)
Anyhow, by 9pm I was eyeing the oven, (which Frenchy used to place the bbq'ed meat in the weekend and then spilled all the crap down the bottom and then forgot to clean it).
Then I found the Mr Muscle Oven Cleaner.
And I must confess, I don't clean the oven myself.
Frenchy does this because he says it's dangerous and the gases are strong ra ra ra, and I was pregnant or lactating much of the time, so I have been relieved of this task.
But last night, I couldn't get the gunk off the bottom using Jiff.
So I pulled out the gloves and went to work...dude, oven cleaning is effing hard work!
But my God that Mr Muscle is fabulous!!!!
Once you get past the instructions and the gloves and all, you just shut the thing up and wait 30 minutes.
Let me say this again, Wow frigging Wow!!!
Mr Muscle breaks up all that hard stubborn dirt which has settled at the bottom from the weekend.
Trouble is, I was on facebook and I lost track of time snooping on my friends' fakebook lives, so much that it was 11 when I went to clean the oven. Now, Mr Muscle kinda lost its aura there, because I still had to clean the rest of the effing thing from top to bottom.
At 11:30 I thought "What the figg where you thinking cleaning the oven for the first time at night, dumbo!"
Anyhow, after all that, I was tired, a bit soiled and totally over it but needed a shower again to clean off the crap from my arms.

Message of the day: Don't be a Mrs Muscle coz it's not worth the stiff muscles in the morning, Amen

wohhooooo, Samoan population has tripled overnight

...and in triple I mean, 4 more Samoans are on campus straight from Faleolo.
This is rather exciting for dinasaurs like us (W-ia, Lgi ...).
One of the newbies was a year ahead of me in Samco, so I sort of know her from then.
Other one is my mother's uncle's son's grandson something or other. To be exact, our greatgrandmothers were cousins from Avao Preffecture (:
The other two I don't know yet, but I remain hopeful that they will have taro and banana chips  in their luggage.

Thursday, February 02, 2012

Teenagers today

Wow - I spent a whole day (ending at 10pm last night) with a bunch of teenagers. 97 of them.
And I was pleasantly suprised at their level of majurity (and no, this is not a Tui ad).
As a group, they were so well mannered, listened and stayed focus for hours of talks and lectures and zzzzzzzz, even I was struggling to focus,.
As individuals, these 15-17 year olds were hungry for information and we asking questions about their study paths 3 years down the line. Wow - I was Impressed indeed.

It did make me wonder about my own experience at that age (at which my thoughts were occupied by anything but school. True story ask Mrs Barlow).
I wish we had this set up at Samoa college where career advisors could talk to us about what's out there. Also having industry leaders to talk about their own journey, knowing that not everyone is gonna be a rocket scientist. In fact, wouldn't it be usefuly to have a real kaulealea from the village talk about their role and experience? All those would have informed me of what I could be, of what marks I needed to achieve, or WHY I needed to achieve those marks. Like getting a job for starters, but also, getting scholarships, getting considered ahead of other applicants because I was diligent (i wasn't, i'm just hypothesising) and so much more.

What I did receive at that age in terms of advice was rather vague: Study hard so you will pass.
Study hard or else you will end up like ^%(&^ riding the Laifoni all day with no aim in life.
Come first or else I will beat you with that hose. (Yeah, that one hanging by the Bible).

Anyhow, my message to myself is, get your budding student to find career and academic advice early on. Let them map their 'possible' futures themselves without you (me) breathing down their  neck. Well, maybe breath down their neck to show up is a good start, heh.

K, manuia le aso!