Thursday, January 26, 2012


reading this story made me laugh - a child hoping in a trailer of a car without any adults knowing. I used to do that when i was a widdle widdle terror...this is why i remember this: My uncle Enoka used to have a bomb as pick up truck with holes and corrugated iron holding it together, he used to to transport dried copra to salelologa...and i used to hop in and hide so i would go with him to Avao where my aunty lived. I remember hiding and looking down at the floor and watching the gravel through one of the gaping holes in front of the pax seat...I stayed low until gravel turned into white concrete coz that meant we had passed the ford at sapapalii. of course, i get the salu lima on my return but the trip and being spoilt by Vaelua is well worth it. *sigh* i want to be 6 again ):

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