Friday, January 27, 2012

O le Tulafale fia poto ma le Tulafale e lava le tofa

I'm just laughing out loud at someone who owns a blog who is dissing the The Orator in terms that are so sophisticated that he goes off in a Tarzan monkey swinging tangent.
In stating that he disliked the movie, he commited more that 2306 words, 3 blog entries and whole lot of "convulsed" critique in the process.
It got me thinking, must like it then...since it has pocessed and consumed your thoughts so much.

On the contrary, I have just read another review but this time, writing with no air of fiapotoness, it is true, genuine and relates to the story beautifully, ...*sigh* I wish more people saw it through her lens. Like her, I loved the scenes and sounds of the rain falling, the vibrant colours, the is so surreal!

Looking at the lush greenery and scenery made me yearn for another visit to Samoa. And the sound of the rain on the tin rooftops, who can forget that? Definitely brought back memories of falling asleep to that special melody. Did I even stop to notice that when I was girl in Samoa? Probably not as it was just another beat in the harmony that makes up the rhythm of life that is uniquely Samoan.
                                                                                                         A Samoan Woman

The message today is: Be true to yourself. And stop using big words just for kicks.


ulalei said...

LMAO! fefe e i lou guku sole.... but OMG... we must be on the same bitch wavelength because I UNFOLLOWED said blog... shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit... pa mai lo'u head!

in other news, i still haven't seen the orator... fia kusi fo'i sau ia thesis e uiga i le convolution ma le pollution ma le intragalactilution ma mea uma lava ga...

over and out!

Goddess said...

a'e, aga ga e ke le'o combrehend lelei le conkjaculation o le metapologrtion o le storyline. i was unfollow too ova le ifa pots. you want me to order u a copy and send and you western union me the cost? approx $60NZD all up but feel free to add a digit to the transfer, choohooo!