Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My aunty Flower

My aunty Flower has issues.
But I didn't know this as a child.
Rather, she was the most fascinating, most decorated, most eccentric woman / human I have ever met.
Her perfume was always strong, along with her sizable necklaces and matching earrings.
Her hair was always 'boofed' out, and her face heavily coloured with huey blues and always her striking red lipstick.
I loved it when Aunty Flower came home. Her entrance was always extravagant and she always had gifts for us scruffy kids; candy, cash and sometimes bottles of Baileys.
She adored us, but in her own special way, "Now come luv, fetch me an ice bucket and fan me with a ili and I'll give you $2.00"
She was amazing for giving us cash! Hello, we do that for everyone else for nothing!  haha
Whenever she visited, she drew in the crowds and eventually a party happens and she becomes the queen of the night. In all her colourful glamour.
My sibling said she was a famous model long time ago.
My other sibling said she was into drugs.
My classmate's mom said she was married to millionaire.
My mom said we should shut our suega stories and go to sleep or else someone will get strangled.
Whatever, I didn't care about that gossip anyway, I loved watching Aunty Flower talking, with her arms moving about and her bracelets jangling and her loud laugh.
I loved Aunty Flower.
Ah what the hell, I wanted to be Aunty Flower
...Then I ran into Aunty Flower after many years at Lotemau, I was 17 and in my first year at UPY.
She was still the same, still loud, colourful, with a sizable hat and Hollywood shades.
And I soon unearthed some mysteries.
Yes, she was a model and Yes, she was married well, Of course, she was into things (lol) and oh, would I like to join her for a couple of drinks at her friend's bar right that moment?
Sure Aunty!
(and so there I had it, 10am and was headed for a boozey morning tea. Yup, my Aunty is a flaming alcoholic. But I love her to bits nonetheless. 


Pusi nofo said...

HA!!! What a hoot!! What a befitting name too hehehe!

Goddess said...

oh shoot...i hope u dont know who im talkin about PN, coz shes totally gonna smash a champagne flute on my foehead when i see her next...and 8am lol

jo_an said...

I wish I had an aunty flower growing up. No matter what, family is family. Love it or hate it. They're still the ones at the end of the day who will stand by you through life's troubles.

Goddess said...

amen Jo An - e sao ai le tala foi lele, you can choose your friends but you can't choose your family. They are there for you but they are also there to watch you drown just so they can say afterwards "I told you so!" (: manuia le aso

Pusi nofo said...

Nah - don't know her but I WISH I did!

Teine said...

everyone should have an Aunty Flower, kudos to her for being herself even in Samoa, can just imagine all the looks she got...sa'o lava lega e fai e lou aunt, kea fua lava i kala a kagaka.