Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today, I started a new job  within the same organisation), very exciting but without the fear and anxiety that comes with going somewhere totally new.
I trained myself mentally as I drove to work.
Be professional, Shut up! Think before you speak. But not too hard! Be yourself, without slouching, laughing too loud, or being myself too much, be smart but polite, be articulate but not fiapots...please keo, behave! First impressions are important. rararara.

Got to work, parking was %^&%*& full, had to walk 10 minutes....and now my perfectly made faapaku is becoming a faamoega pi after the trek up the hill. My heels are like, hurting my jandal-only feet that have not seen work heels since November 2011. And my lack of exercise meant that when I got to HR up the hill, past the 2 lakes and over the bridge, I was puffing, out of air, frazzled and look like a kaepu....and just my luck, the HR lady grabs her camera to take a photo of me for my staff ID.
Gee, thanks! perfect timing.

Anyhow, work was great...ya know, like any new job: EVERYONE is friendly, lovely, smiley, nice, amazing, and then you really settle in and see the cracks emerge. heh. But hey, I'm a darned optimist. Professional. Efficient. Employee of the Month before I even started. I love my job already!

At lunch, Frenchy called me from the city to come for lunch. (like a romantic lunch, without the romance and the champagne), actually, cancel that romantic bit. We met at the foodcourt, queud up at the Inki place for curry and arise and naan, we found a free table. Scoffed our meals. He inhaled his as per usual in 5 minutes then proceeds to eat my food. And then 10 minutes later, I rush back to work and he walks back with his colleague to his building. His 2 colleagues who were sitting next to our table. Having a romantic lunch with us, just the four of us.

Training went fantastically well, I have done some of this work before, so its not all foreign to me. Then, they gave me the Ipad, and told me to set myself up and stuff.......and I looked at the fing, the Ifing looked at me, and I had no farken clue how to work it! But I had to stay cool coz EVERYONE in the room were busy fiddling with theirs....thankfully, someone next to me had arrived late and I calmly watched her from the corner of my eoye to see how she did the iFing.

OMG - I am such an ifob.

Otherwise, praise the Lord that in a week's time, I will be the proud receipient of a S.A.L.A.R.Y. ...about bloody time too,  sick of robbing MM's piggybank.


Stivi Galuega said...

Ha Ha, too funny. Congrats on the new job, getting paid is such an awesome thing.

ReaderWriter said...

Congrats on the new job Goddess! (And just for the record, there's no way that you could ever look like a kaepu no matter what your faapaku decides to do lol) Have a great 2012!

Pusi nofo said...

Ooooh yay :) Congratualtions on the new job, exciting way to start the year! :) lol@ the romantic lunch hehehe.

Lani Wendt Young said...

Congratulations! Off to a good start. Your romantic lunch sounds like mine. Except we're having ours today up the road at the Thai takeaway. Standing outside scoffing our food because I dont want to share the 8 dollar lunch special with the ten children who are living at my house. Maybe, just maybe i will hold his hand on the way home.

Betty said...

Sounds good already keo! The iFing was a mystery to me as well but you'll get the hang of it and then MM will love it more and it will become a great babysitter in times of desperation :) Stay optimistic and enjoy the new journey xx