Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fun activity for Samoan kids outside of Samoa, who own a banana tree (:

So today's weeding the garden ended up being an activity class with Maeva.
Making a ula from a tu moa (inflorescence according to google thank you) of a banana tree.
Step 1: Slash off the tu moa from the banana tree

 Step 2: Peel off the layers and break off the unopened flowers 

 Step 3: Place them in the order you like em on the ula, ie, the nice ones centred and the small ones on the sides.  

 Step 4: Start sewing, make sure you don't let the sap onto clothes, stays forever and forever. Get an old cloth and gently dap ula to remove excess sap.

Step 5: Et voila! Ula tu moa for Miss tama'imoa.


Kim said...

so creative!Love it! Wish we could plant banana trees in the desert!

ReaderWriter said...

Very cute! Too bad we can't grow banana trees down in Welly. Your post reminded me of those school journal articles - that would be worth some $$$.

Lani Wendt Young said...

This is so cool. You creative martha Stewart woman you.