Friday, January 27, 2012

awkward doesn't begin to explain it.

Ive been a solo mom this week again and mornings are chaotic.
I have to get the two smalls ready, dressed, undressed, diaper changed, 4 year old undressed and dresses herself twice, feed them breakfast and some end up on my work clothes.
I am NOT the mother in the television advert. I cannot organise myself in the morning.
I am always forgetting something.
I usually end up choosing a top that needs ironing, in the morning, so that it slows everything down.

anyhow, ...managed to drop off both kids at daycare, ...i only realised my poor daughter's hair was disheveled at the carpark and the boy had weetbix on the back of his ears.
I did the whole - brush her hair with my fingers and mini faapaku to hide the faamoega pi....then try scrape off the weetbix from his head. poor boy.

In all this rush, I get to work realising i am wearing my black bra with my white top.
and its sort of see through....not 'whore-version' but more that the black is visible when you really pay attention.

I dont have big bazookas, but this bra does the job nicely...thank you...but then one of the polo magumigumi pules came in to discuss an ad and the twerp is describing the ad and focussing on my superficial tits...feck, i wanted to signal him and say;
 "oi! eyes up here, these puppies are superficially inflated".

Fecking men. and fecking poor planning on my part.

Message to self: Wake up earlier and plan the night before. And don't have 2 kids if you can hack it so stop whining.



Betty said...

LOL oh please those super mums are TV material not real life ;) and whose kid hasn't gone to daycare with a little bit of something....of course these observations come from a childless fiapoks who probably doesn't know what she is talking about. And at least you know that bra does the trick...rarrrrrr I got an idea though, you should totally buy one of those mini red laser lights (they normally hang on keyrings) and next time anyone who comes in your office and pays more attention to your beautiful puppies rather than your beautiful oyes, you can shine it in their eye polos :)

Teine said...

I can totally relate, did something similar several years ago, hectic morning and all that, pulled a top from the closet and drove all the way to work only to be told by a colleague that my bare back and bra was showing, apparently I grabbed one of those tops that is supposed to go over a tank dress so there's a slit in the back of the top. Needless to say I haven't bought anything like that outfit again.
Thanks for linking to my review for The Orator, too funny about the other one a ea, ia ku'u ai pea ga ia se'i fa'ali laga command o le gagana, NOT, lol.

Goddess said...

Betty, now i know how you, Mex and CJ go thru having bazookas and all....lucky batches haha, i feel i am being unfair to the perverts because they are getting excited for nothing. poor fakkas.

Teine, magaia lau free show la lea, least the gap was at the back not the front, choohoo!