Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 so what.

Wow, I am a frigging hopeless blogger.
2011 ended and I had not updated properly....I suck.

Ah well, I'm not really big on resolutions, but I can say I have learnt a lot in the past year to prepare me for 2012 and forever and ever. Amen.

Overall, 2011 was a year of achievement and a 'can do' attitude.
I have learnt to focus on my short term plans and make things work. Nothing ambitious but rather knowing what I am capable and
No moping around feeling sorry for myself (I was the queen of that prior). I am blessed to have a supportive partner and family. But at the end of the day, I had to remind myself that "I" had to make things happen.

Bottom line?
Stop fluffing around waiting for things to happen. Grab opportunities and be useful. Go off facebook if need be, because all hours clicking like and blabbering nonsense online mean NOthing in the long run. I have also deleted silly shallow things that mean nothing to my life...ahhhh, old age has one advantage, you become a better judge of shoddy character. really (:
All in all, I am looking forward to a challenging but exciting 2012.
Change is good. Lots to do but all for the good.

May you all (my loyal 5 readers of this blog ;-) have a wonderful 2012, don't be too ambitious but celebrate your small victories.
It's VERY unlikely you or I are gonna win the lotto, get a boob job or wake up with Richard Kahui between our legs, so just be happy with our unique lives,.. with all its ups and down, who wants to be a millionaire anyway!....just enjoy the ride, be it a horse ride, donkey ride or joy ride.
Just enjoy!

Mana to you and yours,

Goddess of Savaii.

20 year from now(when I have sustained some memory loss from too much vodka seeping into my brain arterial archilles), I will need to know that 2011 was important for these events:

-Tuifiti was born in style, in an emergency room - far from my dream plans of a water birth and music..yeaah feking right. He gave me so much grief that as I held him close to my heart that night, I couldn't wait for his Aunty CJ to take him so I can have some fried chicken and chips from the Bakehouse. I was that out of it. (But I love you so much my boy).

- I submitted my thesis (albeit overdue) and graduated in Nov. Mom came over, which was great coz she missed the last one. She did not fail to 'show up' and make her presence felt. Yes, with all 20 ula loles, siapo and $2.00 shop leis. She also made sure I humbled myself and be grateful for my blessings. Then we had crayfish and whitebait from the Jacksons in Haast. Awesome night.

 - Spent 7 fantastic weeks in Europe with Frenchy's family and traveled around a bit. Loved catching up with friends, their kids, making new friends, avoiding weirdo friends, haha and seeing heaps more.
-Also having the Samoans over from Rome, Geneva(ulalei), Marseille, Perpignan, Dubai (beached penguin) and the crazy Fijian from London..loved having them over and taking them to Cuers for the day. Loved having chopseuy and rice. choohoo.
 -Spending time with our Samoan friends in Marseille, and their beautiful girls.
-Traveling to Austria to be with Tauilagi and his mom, lazing by the pool overlooking Mondsee and late night chats with Desiree over drinks and yummy i miss that verandah.
-Milan: perfecto.
-Spending 2 weeks in the French Alpes, days spent walking, eating great food, sleeping in, kids playing by the creek, drinking wine (again) and eating.
-Having my 3 sisters over at the kitchen table...priceless.
-Getting my dream job starting in Jan 2012.
-Last week, Frenchy and I were blessed to be God Parents to our Iliganoa in Haast, South Island. Brilliant end to 2011 indeed. 


ulalei said...

Love love love id darling! It was so great to see you TWICE last year and look forward to more rendez vous with you and the family! Bisous to Princess MM and my lil man Tuifiti! xoxo

Lani Wendt Young said...

Happy New Year Goddess! And thank you for your awesome blog that was such a good read all through 2011. Congratulations on the year's achievements and looking fwd to the next.

P.S I must state for the record that I NEVER EVER wish for Richard Kahui...ever. I cant speak for those other (skanky) Poly women bloggers tho!

Goddess said...

Happy new year u two! Ulalei, after how many years we meet again, twice in a year,...seki a, we need to plan another catch up somewhere! your Tui is about to walk, still a cruisy happy bubba, far cry from the mini diva!
thanks Lani, thanks for ur blog -keep us all amused and the only updated one of all of us! and ps, Kahui -who cares about him anyway! haha
hope 2012 is a good yeafor everyone!
alofa atu

jo_an said...

I think you've raised some really good points Goddess. It's about time I started putting some of them into practice as well. Happy 2012 :)