Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Rif raf Update

sometimes, blogging seems so futile, you wonder why you do it?
but you do it anyway, despite knowing it serves little purpose in life.
In any case, i am blogging because I enjoy writing and it sort of stops me in my tracks and forces me to recollect!
And...I like looking back after a few months, years and being reminded of how my crazy mind works (or doesn't work)...its like "My Lawd...I wrote that? delete" heh.

Well, this week, I have not much to blog about that is newsworthy, but for my own memoirs, this is what matters:

We are about 10% packed for the big move north. I have wanted to strangled Frenchy more times this week than every before, vice versa.
The house has new tennants and we have a new house. Yay, missfiapotspaying2mortgagessuicidalmuch.
My nieces and nephews are here for good, having being away from their mom for more than 2 years. I am over the moon knowing they will be 20 minutes drive away, Praise be for the 2 new babysitters (:
I wish to thank my sister Malelega for the stash of siapo, lau u'a, afa and best of all, our collection of tuiga hair which she has recovered among the mess in mom's room. Thank you!!!...once we settle, I will make our own family tuiga with the hair and the stuff she brought.
Found daycare for the two smalls not far from the new place, (and coincidentially 5 minutes from Aunty Ev's house :)
My boy turns 1 in Feb, and I am making every effort to celebrate his birthday except, it also falls on the day ALL our furniture is moved. So I am changing the event to "bring a blanky, we've having a picnic on the deck "...kalofa e i si au kama, magaia le neglect la lea...ah well, you're only 1, choohooo!
Majority of the Chiefs work out in our gym and with them came an influx of little blond desperado groupies who workout in really really short  panites shorts and sports bras without the sport...its predominantly bra.
 Wowser,...and you wonder why some of these girls get raped in hotel rooms....they have very little to hide, and are begging to be taken advantage of!
Talk about putting themselves out there.
...or maybe I'm just a granma who can't be arsed getting out of my nanny trackies!
Ia, e ola a le g-strangle ola fo'i le granny undie.
eh, ia, maguia le vaiaso pu panties

Friday, January 27, 2012

awkward doesn't begin to explain it.

Ive been a solo mom this week again and mornings are chaotic.
I have to get the two smalls ready, dressed, undressed, diaper changed, 4 year old undressed and dresses herself twice, feed them breakfast and some end up on my work clothes.
I am NOT the mother in the television advert. I cannot organise myself in the morning.
I am always forgetting something.
I usually end up choosing a top that needs ironing, in the morning, so that it slows everything down.

anyhow, ...managed to drop off both kids at daycare, ...i only realised my poor daughter's hair was disheveled at the carpark and the boy had weetbix on the back of his ears.
I did the whole - brush her hair with my fingers and mini faapaku to hide the faamoega pi....then try scrape off the weetbix from his head. poor boy.

In all this rush, I get to work realising i am wearing my black bra with my white top.
and its sort of see through....not 'whore-version' but more that the black is visible when you really pay attention.

I dont have big bazookas, but this bra does the job nicely...thank you...but then one of the polo magumigumi pules came in to discuss an ad and the twerp is describing the ad and focussing on my superficial tits...feck, i wanted to signal him and say;
 "oi! eyes up here, these puppies are superficially inflated".

Fecking men. and fecking poor planning on my part.

Message to self: Wake up earlier and plan the night before. And don't have 2 kids if you can hack it so stop whining.


O le Tulafale fia poto ma le Tulafale e lava le tofa

I'm just laughing out loud at someone who owns a blog who is dissing the The Orator in terms that are so sophisticated that he goes off in a Tarzan monkey swinging tangent.
In stating that he disliked the movie, he commited more that 2306 words, 3 blog entries and whole lot of "convulsed" critique in the process.
It got me thinking, well...you must like it then...since it has pocessed and consumed your thoughts so much.

On the contrary, I have just read another review but this time, writing with no air of fiapotoness, it is true, genuine and relates to the story beautifully, ...*sigh* I wish more people saw it through her lens. Like her, I loved the scenes and sounds of the rain falling, the vibrant colours, the imagery....it is so surreal!

Looking at the lush greenery and scenery made me yearn for another visit to Samoa. And the sound of the rain on the tin rooftops, who can forget that? Definitely brought back memories of falling asleep to that special melody. Did I even stop to notice that when I was girl in Samoa? Probably not as it was just another beat in the harmony that makes up the rhythm of life that is uniquely Samoan.
                                                                                                         A Samoan Woman

The message today is: Be true to yourself. And stop using big words just for kicks.

Thursday, January 26, 2012


reading this story made me laugh - a child hoping in a trailer of a car without any adults knowing. I used to do that when i was a widdle widdle terror...this is why i remember this: My uncle Enoka used to have a bomb as pick up truck with holes and corrugated iron holding it together, he used to to transport dried copra to salelologa...and i used to hop in and hide so i would go with him to Avao where my aunty lived. I remember hiding and looking down at the floor and watching the gravel through one of the gaping holes in front of the pax seat...I stayed low until gravel turned into white concrete coz that meant we had passed the ford at sapapalii. of course, i get the salu lima on my return but the trip and being spoilt by Vaelua is well worth it. *sigh* i want to be 6 again ):

Monday, January 23, 2012

Happy Dragon Balls

Just read the editorial by Savea Sano about people being lazy and not working  and I couldn't agree more!
We are breeding a culture of 'its easier not to work" ..hello, why work when you can receive freely?

On that note, I am noticing a lot of angry pantiness from Samoans born in Samoa with kilikiki bats up their backsides moaning and being brutal about Samoans born outside of Samoa, or rather, about anything that is outside their realm of understanding.
Funnily enough, the hatred is coming from the kind that are all talk and have got nothing to show for it,.
Just criticisms, attack attack but in reality: All a bunch of cowards.
Oi, and Happy Year of the Dragon (thus my dragon fiery update above)

So on that note, have a wonderfully blessed and successful week ahead, celebrate the good, surround yourself with people that encourage you (vice versa), not negative people(unfriend) and be unique.
Just like everyone else (:

Maguia le evaevaga o le vaiaso.

Friday, January 20, 2012

hmmm, Friday is nice

We listed our property to rent out 2 nights ago and made the mistake of leaving my phone number on.
I have been inundated: 18 phone calls, 5 texts and the fukkers keep texing and calling asking to view our house (like, right away).
effing hell....I have taken off my phone number and limited the viewing time to 2 hours tomorrow.
At least we can be picky about who we take since there is such a high demand.

Now, Picture time (coz i'm a bit preoccupied to blog properly)

Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Today, I started a new job  within the same organisation), very exciting but without the fear and anxiety that comes with going somewhere totally new.
I trained myself mentally as I drove to work.
Be professional, Shut up! Think before you speak. But not too hard! Be yourself, without slouching, laughing too loud, or being myself too much, be smart but polite, be articulate but not fiapots...please keo, behave! First impressions are important. rararara.

Got to work, parking was %^&%*& full, had to walk 10 minutes....and now my perfectly made faapaku is becoming a faamoega pi after the trek up the hill. My heels are like, hurting my jandal-only feet that have not seen work heels since November 2011. And my lack of exercise meant that when I got to HR up the hill, past the 2 lakes and over the bridge, I was puffing, out of air, frazzled and look like a kaepu....and just my luck, the HR lady grabs her camera to take a photo of me for my staff ID.
Gee, thanks! perfect timing.

Anyhow, work was great...ya know, like any new job: EVERYONE is friendly, lovely, smiley, nice, amazing, and then you really settle in and see the cracks emerge. heh. But hey, I'm a darned optimist. Professional. Efficient. Employee of the Month before I even started. I love my job already!

At lunch, Frenchy called me from the city to come for lunch. (like a romantic lunch, without the romance and the champagne), actually, cancel that romantic bit. We met at the foodcourt, queud up at the Inki place for curry and arise and naan, we found a free table. Scoffed our meals. He inhaled his as per usual in 5 minutes then proceeds to eat my food. And then 10 minutes later, I rush back to work and he walks back with his colleague to his building. His 2 colleagues who were sitting next to our table. Having a romantic lunch with us, just the four of us.

Training went fantastically well, I have done some of this work before, so its not all foreign to me. Then, they gave me the Ipad, and told me to set myself up and stuff.......and I looked at the fing, the Ifing looked at me, and I had no farken clue how to work it! But I had to stay cool coz EVERYONE in the room were busy fiddling with theirs....thankfully, someone next to me had arrived late and I calmly watched her from the corner of my eoye to see how she did the iFing.

OMG - I am such an ifob.

Otherwise, praise the Lord that in a week's time, I will be the proud receipient of a S.A.L.A.R.Y. ...about bloody time too,  sick of robbing MM's piggybank.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

What I love about Samoa!

My God, I love Samoa for this very reason:
You can rob a bank, kill the neighbours' pigs, get jailed for theft, beat someone - whatever crime but people are kind enough to see the best in you and give second chances.
I'm reading an article in Samoa Observer about Savea and Muliagatele re- employing Leota Uelese Petaia.
This is despite him being charged with "several counts of theft and sentenced to 18 months in prison".

Isn't that so wonderful? ...I guess with his wealth of journalism knowledge, he will be an asset to the organisation....just don't leave the petty cash lying around lol... .

Most of all, I love the transparency about this whole deal, it is an article in the paper laying out all the facts for all to see: the good and the bad!
So now all the haters who were faikakalaring are pissed off coz they were gonna say "eh! he was a jailbird" but hellllooo....thats in the article too!

5 stars for Samoa Observer today.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

My aunty Flower

My aunty Flower has issues.
But I didn't know this as a child.
Rather, she was the most fascinating, most decorated, most eccentric woman / human I have ever met.
Her perfume was always strong, along with her sizable necklaces and matching earrings.
Her hair was always 'boofed' out, and her face heavily coloured with huey blues and always her striking red lipstick.
I loved it when Aunty Flower came home. Her entrance was always extravagant and she always had gifts for us scruffy kids; candy, cash and sometimes bottles of Baileys.
She adored us, but in her own special way, "Now come luv, fetch me an ice bucket and fan me with a ili and I'll give you $2.00"
She was amazing for giving us cash! Hello, we do that for everyone else for nothing!  haha
Whenever she visited, she drew in the crowds and eventually a party happens and she becomes the queen of the night. In all her colourful glamour.
My sibling said she was a famous model long time ago.
My other sibling said she was into drugs.
My classmate's mom said she was married to millionaire.
My mom said we should shut our suega stories and go to sleep or else someone will get strangled.
Whatever, I didn't care about that gossip anyway, I loved watching Aunty Flower talking, with her arms moving about and her bracelets jangling and her loud laugh.
I loved Aunty Flower.
Ah what the hell, I wanted to be Aunty Flower
...Then I ran into Aunty Flower after many years at Lotemau, I was 17 and in my first year at UPY.
She was still the same, still loud, colourful, with a sizable hat and Hollywood shades.
And I soon unearthed some mysteries.
Yes, she was a model and Yes, she was married well, Of course, she was into things (lol) and oh, would I like to join her for a couple of drinks at her friend's bar right that moment?
Sure Aunty!
(and so there I had it, 10am and was headed for a boozey morning tea. Yup, my Aunty is a flaming alcoholic. But I love her to bits nonetheless. 

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Last night, we were in Maketu for our old friend's wedding.
Good ol' Maoli wedding, filled with laughter, waiata, scrumptuous (sp?) hangi, beer only bar and an unexpected increase in guest numbers the hour before.
Maketu was the location. South of Tauranga. Famous for Maketu Pies and the best fush and chups on this side of the Island.
Great times and I suddenly felt like a palagi in a Samoan gathering - speech after speech and speech and that was just the beginning....still, I love that in moments like weddings, the faasinomaga of the couple are laid out until you realise, he and she are a not alone but are a part of a very wide but close communities.

To make it all the more fascinating, the groom's old man is from Tongareva (Penrhyn), and mother from Moorea, bride from Maketu ....so each family representative relayed their genealogy back to Tagaloa (similar to our folasaga) and ov course, e kausoga kakou kua'a i aso la (...auuuu, isa!)

I also learned a lot about a programme for young Maori called AMO (Advancement for Maori Opportunities) where both the newly weds had been and have produced young people who are passionate about their culture, language and have exchange programmes with other indigenous groups like First Nations, Hawaiians mmf. Fascinating.
Seki a,...viia le Alii i gei polokalame aua ua kele kele le au lauasa ma le au tiai aoga ae mea sili o lo'o toatele fo'i e o lo'o faatauaina la latou aganuu ma le gagana.
Ia, lava ia kala i kipoki sesi i Samoa.
Pictures of some people in the table next to us:

The three Kolilas

Friday, January 06, 2012

Damn you Dora

I blame Dora for many things, one being:
My 4 year old tends to talk like Dora 24/4.

Yesterday, I was weeding the garden and she run out and sit on the steps and "sings" out. "Okay, Mom, If you weed all the grass when I count to 10, you will get a reward!(in that irritating Dora squeaky tone).
"Weed the grass...get the...rewards! Weed the grass ...get the reward!"

What. a. piece of shet.

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Fun activity for Samoan kids outside of Samoa, who own a banana tree (:

So today's weeding the garden ended up being an activity class with Maeva.
Making a ula from a tu moa (inflorescence according to google thank you) of a banana tree.
Step 1: Slash off the tu moa from the banana tree

 Step 2: Peel off the layers and break off the unopened flowers 

 Step 3: Place them in the order you like em on the ula, ie, the nice ones centred and the small ones on the sides.  

 Step 4: Start sewing, make sure you don't let the sap onto clothes,...it stays forever and forever. Get an old cloth and gently dap ula to remove excess sap.

Step 5: Et voila! Ula tu moa for Miss tama'imoa.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Haast was a blast!

 We were the lucky matua tausi to our baby girl VIJ in Haast at Christmas...the most action packed baptism we've ever experienced.
The Priest got on a chair to take a picture of the congregration for his facebook page, VIJ almost burned her hand with the candle, the priest stepped on JJ's toes and his clown dad kept calling the Godfather, Don Corleone and to top it off, the priest forgot the paperwork...but otherwise, everyone had fun and the big feed afterwards made it all the better for VIJ and her fans.
 Waiting for food, again

 JJ and MM eating cupcake, again
Crayfish, Again (:

Monday, January 02, 2012

2012 so what.

Wow, I am a frigging hopeless blogger.
2011 ended and I had not updated properly....I suck.

Ah well, I'm not really big on resolutions, but I can say I have learnt a lot in the past year to prepare me for 2012 and forever and ever. Amen.

Overall, 2011 was a year of achievement and a 'can do' attitude.
I have learnt to focus on my short term plans and make things work. Nothing ambitious but rather knowing what I am capable and ...able.
No moping around feeling sorry for myself (I was the queen of that prior). I am blessed to have a supportive partner and family. But at the end of the day, I had to remind myself that "I" had to make things happen.

Bottom line?
Stop fluffing around waiting for things to happen. Grab opportunities and be useful. Go off facebook if need be, because all hours clicking like and blabbering nonsense online mean NOthing in the long run. I have also deleted silly shallow things that mean nothing to my life...ahhhh, old age has one advantage, you become a better judge of shoddy character. really (:
All in all, I am looking forward to a challenging but exciting 2012.
Change is good. Lots to do but all for the good.

May you all (my loyal 5 readers of this blog ;-) have a wonderful 2012, don't be too ambitious but celebrate your small victories.
It's VERY unlikely you or I are gonna win the lotto, get a boob job or wake up with Richard Kahui between our legs, so just be happy with our unique lives,.. with all its ups and down downs..eh, who wants to be a millionaire anyway!....just enjoy the ride, be it a horse ride, donkey ride or joy ride.
Just enjoy!

Mana to you and yours,

Goddess of Savaii.