Tuesday, December 13, 2011

the things that matter, really

As the clock ticks closer and closer to Christmas, I find myself, sitting, as calm and as quietly as possible, relishing in the peace and quiet.
Before the storm.
I am sitting waiting and watching to see what the season brings, and so far, I have a sore head just thinking about it (ahem no more merlot for the lady please).
...what makes a rewarding memorable Christmas?
In our village, this is measured by the number of custen bradas aunties and uncles coming from overseas bearing bags of money and presents.
With the family in Marseille, its a well attended family lunch with close family and friends, seated by the fire exchanging stories.
In Oman, it when everyone who is NOT Muslim hops on a plane and buggers off to where its actually celebrated.
And then it struck me, My goodness, I have two little people whose perception and memories of Christmas lies heavily with: me.
And yet, here I am sitting of the flipping couch watching Celebrity Appentice when I should be filling their memories with important lessons.
Yes - we have put up the tree with the lights and tinsels and all (actually AUnty R did this with MM, not I).
We will go to the Mormon temple lights display like we do every year.
This Thursday is Kindys Xmas party carol singing.
But surely, I could do more that matter with my children....like bake (yeah right), make christmas cards (eh, fai fai lea galo ga send) or or ....eh, ua uma ideas.

In any case, I am grateful that I will see all my sisters (from my mother and father that is;) this weekend. And our boy Tauilagi James. And come Xmas, the kids will meet their cousin Iliganoa for the first time ever. So yes, Christmas for us is spending quality time with family and friends, enjoying the peace, excitement and happy season while we can, before our move (:

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