Wednesday, December 14, 2011

O le Tulafale, The Orator

Hooray! Today we sent you:

* The Orator
We anticipate delivery between Tomorrow and Friday.
And No, I am not making a copy...I am supporting a local artist and local people.
Sorry cuzzies, buy your own.
My Unintellectual Psychoanalytcal Perspecive:
Now that I've watched it for the third time, I can say this:
The Orator depicts the two-faced-ness (there's a new word for the Oxford dictionary) of our supposed close knit society.
We are harsh, crass, rude and brutal in our everyday lives.
We express no emotions of love and compassion, but more of "I will break your mouth when I find you" instead of "I miss you while you are missing".
We are proud to a fault.
We are assholes like that. (Yes, you too).
On the other hand, when shit hits the fan, when we are faced with problems, we suddenly become an emotional wreck.
We wail at funerals and declare our love (even though we hardly communicated with the deceased when he was alive).
Orators lament in melodiac (new word me thinks) chants that make you want to cry.
When a man expresses his love for a woman in the presence of others, it means the world. Because its just something a Samoan man just doesnt do. (well, at least not to his wife, lol).
But most of all, I am in awe - seeing the land i love on a BIG BIG screen and hearing my language spoken - in a way that is real. In a way that transcends culture, language and becomes a universal story.
There is no pretence or sugar coating. There is no fanfare.
And for that very reason, I love it even more. It makes me want to lie on a mat and eat taro and play in the rain and fall in love all over again.
Yes, The Orator did that for me.
I love you too, kaepu.

You can buy the DVD online through There is also a bonus feature, Tusi Tamasese's earlier film Va Tapuia.
Here's the link to Fishpond.


Laura said...

The best review ever. lol
This is pretty much what I felt too.


Goddess said...

Thanks Laura kaufaasee - lol...seki a le aka sole

Teine said...

Malo Goddess, so glad to read your thought on this movie, I wrote about how I'm looking forward to seeing this a few days ago on my blog now I really can't wait. It's coming to my corner of the world next month. if it's available on dvd I'm getting a copy now, but it's probably better to wait to see it on the big screen the first time. alofa atu & merry xmas to you and family

jo_an said...

Great review :) I loved the movie in its entirety but most of all its honesty.