Sunday, November 20, 2011

today in our lives

What a memorable day of being absolutely productive in the things I love:
- I finished one tuiga - ahead of the deadline.
- I fed Tuifiti 2 jars of baby food and NOTHING came out, epic achievement. He was a wee champ today playing and being cheerful and when I put him in the cot, he just amused himself and went to sleep not soon after.
- MM woke up and dressed herself and made own breakfast, in fact, if she could drive she'd have driven herself to school....she is going through a lovely fia teine matua phase. Of course, it translates into fia poto at times.
- After dropping off MM at kindy, i took the boy to Spotlight and I spent an hour restocking, buying Xmas things, fabrics on sale and scored some gorgeous ramikin bowls and casserole dishes at 60% less. Score!
-Tonight, I had left out 2 chicken breasts for dinner. I chucked it in the pan to brown, with white wine and usual spices, then left in on top of the potatoes in the casserole dish....Magnifique!! The chicken was not dry as usual, it was actually moist and yummmm with cheese topping...(can you tell Frenchy is not around with the abuse of food and his $$?)
-Lastly, we just tried out the rich chocolate cupcake recipe from our cupcake book...and it is yummmmay!!!

Now, I need clean the chocolate off the wall, thanks to MM trying be helpful.

Yay to the productive day!!!

Manuia le po.

some pix from the wkend
Of all the toys, bouncey castle and more, they went for the tube...shocker.
Our favourite hangout, Browsers Bookstore in the city, opens late, so we usually drop in after dinner and shout her highness a book or two (secondhand, shush).
This week, she got a Christmas book and Piggie went to Market.


ulalei said...

Awwwwwww that photo of Princess MM on the couch is just CLASSIC!!!! love love love it! :)

Pusi nofo said...

Hey, can relate to the awesome feeling of having a 'productive day'!! Great feeling aye :) Huge WELL DONE to you, it is NTO easy finding the time to get things done when we have kids to run around after and the usual things life throws at us :)

Loving the photos too - looks like lots of fun :)