Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Misbehaving rugby brats

Zac Guildford needs to be dropped from the ABs...NZRU need to stop babying him and they should punish him instead.
Far out, how will he learn if every time he falls over he doesn't have to face the consequences?
He is a professional rugby player, paid to perform.
He has misbehaved on countless occasions, so in the professional world, there should be one solution:
Fire the shithead.

...As for that John Key leaked tape, far out ..what a storm in a teacup! media need to report on real issues relevant to voters not some shoddy tape.

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Pusi nofo said...

Shux, completely agree with you about Zan G - gawd I roll my eyes when I hear team management say "He's ONLY 22..." WTHeck?!

As for the tea tape...it irritates me to no end! Move on already guys!! Glad Key walked out on the media yesterday - they were bloody RUDE. Hey, would LOVE to see how Stui would cope/manage/handle this situation!! LOL. The tape would have been 'stupid', the reporter would have been 'stupid' even teh tea bag would have been 'stupid' hahaha