Thursday, November 03, 2011

Screwed by association

Something has been bothering me lately,
It's to do with my sports and inspirational hero, La'auli Michael Jones.
I love the guy. ..right
He is an exepmplary leader and role model, who is ...well, brilliant as a sports person and as a Kiwi/Samoan/Pacific Islander/personality.
I admire his faith aand personality....ioe, you can call me a fan.
Whatever he will sell, I will consider buying, ..including Signa Insurance.
But in recent months, his associations with certain groups and people had made me wonder,
What the F#$%^ are you thinking La'auli????
- First, his name was in the midst of the National campaign.
- Following that, he was caught up in the PEDA deal where millions were signed over to a non-existent Pacific group that has yet to do something for Pacific people but had the 'know how' and the contacts with the right people (Te heuheu kia ora bro).
- Soon after, he get involved in the defunct Nonu juice deal with J.Chen and co.
I begin to wonder, is he going into these 'associations' willingly or is his good reputation being used to promote these various ventures that have since gone balls up?

Whatever the case, I hope he treads lightly in the future and do his homework before jumping head in first into these would be such a shame at his age to be dragged down -

I can't stand seeing another role model go down because they didn't make informed decisions.
C'mon Iceman, smarten up!

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