Friday, November 04, 2011

Scholarships Deadlines

I dont have the links at the moment but just a reminder to Pacific students, lots of deadlines coming up for scholarships and awards for get busy with those applications:

Key ones I can think of:

Greg Urwin Awards: All Forum country nationals are eligible, get that foot in the door for those with career aspirations in the Pacific.

South Pacific - USA Scholarship (5 spots, undergrad and post grad) for East West Center, Hawaii.

Universities in New Zealand: Most have grants up to $1000 from the Equity Fund, PIPEF, etc for Pacific students...very easy process for UOW students, only 2 pages to fill and one reference. Put in your academic and cultural, sports, just make up some fagogo about me for tips, lol

Go to the MPIA website for more scholarship information  and just google it...plenty of chances but you have to be in to win (:

Bonn chance!

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