Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ground breaking achievement

Frenchy is at a 3 day training with his team.
This leaves me with the two smalls. But this is not the purpose of the story.
Rather, not all goes well when we are left on our own, because of these reasons:

1. Taking the rubbish out, something I have only done about 4 times in my life.
So, I got up super early, carried the two large trash bags to the front, then back for the green voila! Good keol!
Then we got home from work this evening and the stuff is still there, ...auoka, wrong day vasti! Tomorrow is rubbish day.

2. I forgot Frenchy was going with a group of people in the company vehicle. I hopped in my car (with the smalls) and was about to reverse this morning, only then did I realise a particular obstacle in the rearview mirror, the other car. Aivavasti!

3. MM and I are eating ice cream before dinner and pancakes before bed. Yes - I love Frenchy's absence for that reason.....porkies much...we'll be chunkier fatties if his trainings were longer haha.

But really, what sucks the most is, I am overly tired but I can't shut the door and have time out for a bit..argh, I applaud solo moms at moments like these! I applaud widows the world over for their persistence and strength. Oh golly I'm a whiner today. We miss you Frenchy!!!!
But thank the Lord for the drowsy-ing effects of a warm bath, spaghetti bolognaise and warm milk...both went down 20 minutes after bath.
Whoever tries to get back up between now and dawn, Pamol is on stand by.
 k, I'm knackered, manuia le po ma fai se miti malie


jo_an said...

I agree - single mothers / widows are champions. they really are superhuman!

:) Loved the pancakes and ice cream! I can picture me and mischief maker doing the very same!.

Wishing you well with the remainder of your week!.

Goddess said...

thanks Jo_an, ..seki a le ice cream and pancakes aye...but i thought you were a few days into your get fit regime!...don't worry, I start tomorrow.

Teine said...

thanks suga, you always manage to make me laugh, and as a wifey you always gets left with the kids when hubby is traveling on business I can totally relate.
Faafetai also for not removing my blog Daughters of Samoa from your blogroll even though I was MIA for a couple of years. I'm back to blogging for real now lol.

Goddess said...

welcome back...yet again Teine, you should get penalised everytime you dissapear!(bt thats pretty rich coming frm me!) and no, i never remove the old school bloggers from my list...the GOOD ones that is!!! i only remove the weirdos - they know who they are. welcome back!!!

Teine said...

Se makua complicated kele le gei mea ua uma oga kusi la'u comment ae fai mai e koe sign in lol.
But you're right, ua kakau lava oga fai sa'u sala, kele le kiai aoga i le blog. When I went MIA you only had one small and now you have two, ia congrats uso. Koe kalagoa akili