Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chilli Dogs

I was driving along the riverside, my mind was preoccupied with my next appointment, busy busy busy, 3 meetings then speed back to collect the smalls, make food for our visitor, hang the washing, book flights, apply for 3 jobs etc etc.
...When a song came on the radio that completely threw me off-guard.
And got me totally lost in Nostalgia Boulevard. ( in, I literally missed the turn and found myself on the wrong side of the river, damenshoot).
The song was. "Ghetto superstar(That is what you are)".
It reminded me of chilli and hot dogs, fried onions and mustard from that small shop at Malifa opposite Leififi.
Yes - the memory was THAT strong.
I could almost taste the damn thing too (p.s: am still talking about hot dogs here relle, fyi).
Anyhow, it got me thinking - about what could have, but didn't (phew!).
It made me sad for a wee moment, because I remembered how great those times were, but it didn't last.
I had a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of places to see.
I'm trying not to let out too much, because I'm a cold calculating shet like that, and I don't want you coming back at me later when I'm world famous (in Savaii) and say, "eh, that Goddess used to eat a lot of chilli dogs" lol.
 Anyhow, my message to all you parents out there is this, the best thing that can happen to your teenage daughter is that their first love is a complete prick, a liar, a loser, a real dumb ass.
Because when your daughter gets dissapointed from that initial relationship (which she expertly ended:), she will hopefully learn not to fall in love too easily, but be a real skeptic, be critical, be wary of all males thereafter, will have stringent standards and will (hopefully) learn to separate the losers from the good hopes.
And there you have it.
Love the Ghetto Goddess.


its just moi said...


Coconut Girl said...

I remember those very same chilli dogs...wen I was still young and innocent and a virgin errrr true story. Easy for you to say, you only have one daughter. I have 3. GOOD LAAAAKKKK to falling in love with a loser.

Teine said...

I used to wish that my oldest son's experience with his first serious girlfriend will make him be a little more careful next time, ia jury is still out with the current girlfriend.