Friday, November 25, 2011

Move over Chef Ramsay ....oi suga e...

My apologies if you are a friend on Facebook and notice that I'm being a lazy bugger and reposting exactly what I have there to here....desole, ua ova le pisi (not).

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Not being childish or anything but...

mine's bigger (:

Ps: 6 months later, I decide to collect the darned hard bound copy from the printers, $170 later, ouch!


Sunday, November 20, 2011

today in our lives

What a memorable day of being absolutely productive in the things I love:
- I finished one tuiga - ahead of the deadline.
- I fed Tuifiti 2 jars of baby food and NOTHING came out, epic achievement. He was a wee champ today playing and being cheerful and when I put him in the cot, he just amused himself and went to sleep not soon after.
- MM woke up and dressed herself and made own breakfast, in fact, if she could drive she'd have driven herself to school....she is going through a lovely fia teine matua phase. Of course, it translates into fia poto at times.
- After dropping off MM at kindy, i took the boy to Spotlight and I spent an hour restocking, buying Xmas things, fabrics on sale and scored some gorgeous ramikin bowls and casserole dishes at 60% less. Score!
-Tonight, I had left out 2 chicken breasts for dinner. I chucked it in the pan to brown, with white wine and usual spices, then left in on top of the potatoes in the casserole dish....Magnifique!! The chicken was not dry as usual, it was actually moist and yummmm with cheese topping...(can you tell Frenchy is not around with the abuse of food and his $$?)
-Lastly, we just tried out the rich chocolate cupcake recipe from our cupcake book...and it is yummmmay!!!

Now, I need clean the chocolate off the wall, thanks to MM trying be helpful.

Yay to the productive day!!!

Manuia le po.

some pix from the wkend
Of all the toys, bouncey castle and more, they went for the tube...shocker.
Our favourite hangout, Browsers Bookstore in the city, opens late, so we usually drop in after dinner and shout her highness a book or two (secondhand, shush).
This week, she got a Christmas book and Piggie went to Market.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Statement of the day

MM to me: Mom you look like Cinderella.
Me; Thank you MM, why do you say that?
MM: Coz you always do the feaus on your own.

Gee, thanks mate!...thanks for noticing while you dust icing sugar off your cupcake and onto the floor for Cinderella to clean up.

Misbehaving rugby brats

Zac Guildford needs to be dropped from the ABs...NZRU need to stop babying him and they should punish him instead.
Far out, how will he learn if every time he falls over he doesn't have to face the consequences?
He is a professional rugby player, paid to perform.
He has misbehaved on countless occasions, so in the professional world, there should be one solution:
Fire the shithead.

...As for that John Key leaked tape, far out ..what a storm in a teacup! media need to report on real issues relevant to voters not some shoddy tape.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Chilli Dogs

I was driving along the riverside, my mind was preoccupied with my next appointment, busy busy busy, 3 meetings then speed back to collect the smalls, make food for our visitor, hang the washing, book flights, apply for 3 jobs etc etc.
...When a song came on the radio that completely threw me off-guard.
And got me totally lost in Nostalgia Boulevard. ( in, I literally missed the turn and found myself on the wrong side of the river, damenshoot).
The song was. "Ghetto superstar(That is what you are)".
It reminded me of chilli and hot dogs, fried onions and mustard from that small shop at Malifa opposite Leififi.
Yes - the memory was THAT strong.
I could almost taste the damn thing too (p.s: am still talking about hot dogs here relle, fyi).
Anyhow, it got me thinking - about what could have, but didn't (phew!).
It made me sad for a wee moment, because I remembered how great those times were, but it didn't last.
I had a lot of growing up to do, and a lot of places to see.
I'm trying not to let out too much, because I'm a cold calculating shet like that, and I don't want you coming back at me later when I'm world famous (in Savaii) and say, "eh, that Goddess used to eat a lot of chilli dogs" lol.
 Anyhow, my message to all you parents out there is this, the best thing that can happen to your teenage daughter is that their first love is a complete prick, a liar, a loser, a real dumb ass.
Because when your daughter gets dissapointed from that initial relationship (which she expertly ended:), she will hopefully learn not to fall in love too easily, but be a real skeptic, be critical, be wary of all males thereafter, will have stringent standards and will (hopefully) learn to separate the losers from the good hopes.
And there you have it.
Love the Ghetto Goddess.

Saturday, November 05, 2011


The first time I saw a dead person was the old lady Olovae from Sapapalii.
She was carefully dressed in black, her coffin was adorned with white lace and laugasese.
Her humble fal was now covered in fabric. Jesus. Plastic flowers. Wreath. Rolls of fine mats. Her finest china on display. Jam and butter biscuits. Tea. Coffee. Lazy chiefs looking for a free feed.
Lagipoiva was scared, Malelega was indifferent. I was. strangely fascinated.
This was the woman who yelled at anyone and everyone, angrily, barking orders from dusk till dawn demanding peace and then shattering it with a resounding “Aikakae kou alelo pogaua”.
Simply put, she was not a nice human.
Still, I was intrigued. For who were these outsiders wailing at her side?
Maybe, just maybe then, she was a nice person a long time gone?
Surely she was, because the wailing had turned into a sing song lament about the old kind, gentle woman, with a heart of gold, always giving and loving and caring.
Was I at the right funeral? Who was this woman?
Several eulogies later, where I rolled and rolled my eyes in disbelief at the inaccuracies between the tearful molimau and the angry personality that was Olovae, I had a moment of clarity.
We wail at funerals. On cue.
We lament our dearly beloved. Because we want the world to know, we loved them.
We pull out the fine woven ie samoa to gift and the expensive lace to cover the coffin.
Because we care.
But will some of us express ourselves in a positive manner while our loved ones are walking, talking, yelling?
Hell no.
We are a bunch of heartless shets like that, we wait until they are six feet under to say what we really feel.
Be kind to your loved ones, even if they are a pain in the neck, make an effort because your wailing and your crocodile tears will mean NOTHING to them when there are gone.
Amene ma amene.

Friday, November 04, 2011

Scholarships Deadlines

I dont have the links at the moment but just a reminder to Pacific students, lots of deadlines coming up for scholarships and awards for get busy with those applications:

Key ones I can think of:

Greg Urwin Awards: All Forum country nationals are eligible, get that foot in the door for those with career aspirations in the Pacific.

South Pacific - USA Scholarship (5 spots, undergrad and post grad) for East West Center, Hawaii.

Universities in New Zealand: Most have grants up to $1000 from the Equity Fund, PIPEF, etc for Pacific students...very easy process for UOW students, only 2 pages to fill and one reference. Put in your academic and cultural, sports, just make up some fagogo about me for tips, lol

Go to the MPIA website for more scholarship information  and just google it...plenty of chances but you have to be in to win (:

Bonn chance!

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Screwed by association

Something has been bothering me lately,
It's to do with my sports and inspirational hero, La'auli Michael Jones.
I love the guy. ..right
He is an exepmplary leader and role model, who is ...well, brilliant as a sports person and as a Kiwi/Samoan/Pacific Islander/personality.
I admire his faith aand personality....ioe, you can call me a fan.
Whatever he will sell, I will consider buying, ..including Signa Insurance.
But in recent months, his associations with certain groups and people had made me wonder,
What the F#$%^ are you thinking La'auli????
- First, his name was in the midst of the National campaign.
- Following that, he was caught up in the PEDA deal where millions were signed over to a non-existent Pacific group that has yet to do something for Pacific people but had the 'know how' and the contacts with the right people (Te heuheu kia ora bro).
- Soon after, he get involved in the defunct Nonu juice deal with J.Chen and co.
I begin to wonder, is he going into these 'associations' willingly or is his good reputation being used to promote these various ventures that have since gone balls up?

Whatever the case, I hope he treads lightly in the future and do his homework before jumping head in first into these would be such a shame at his age to be dragged down -

I can't stand seeing another role model go down because they didn't make informed decisions.
C'mon Iceman, smarten up!

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Ground breaking achievement

Frenchy is at a 3 day training with his team.
This leaves me with the two smalls. But this is not the purpose of the story.
Rather, not all goes well when we are left on our own, because of these reasons:

1. Taking the rubbish out, something I have only done about 4 times in my life.
So, I got up super early, carried the two large trash bags to the front, then back for the green voila! Good keol!
Then we got home from work this evening and the stuff is still there, ...auoka, wrong day vasti! Tomorrow is rubbish day.

2. I forgot Frenchy was going with a group of people in the company vehicle. I hopped in my car (with the smalls) and was about to reverse this morning, only then did I realise a particular obstacle in the rearview mirror, the other car. Aivavasti!

3. MM and I are eating ice cream before dinner and pancakes before bed. Yes - I love Frenchy's absence for that reason.....porkies much...we'll be chunkier fatties if his trainings were longer haha.

But really, what sucks the most is, I am overly tired but I can't shut the door and have time out for a bit..argh, I applaud solo moms at moments like these! I applaud widows the world over for their persistence and strength. Oh golly I'm a whiner today. We miss you Frenchy!!!!
But thank the Lord for the drowsy-ing effects of a warm bath, spaghetti bolognaise and warm milk...both went down 20 minutes after bath.
Whoever tries to get back up between now and dawn, Pamol is on stand by.
 k, I'm knackered, manuia le po ma fai se miti malie

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I've deactivated again

I was beginning to get clinically depressed watching the SRU tractor crash into a mauadtheova tree...and even more depressed knowing that very little will change in our oiland paradise.
These kulukus will be replaced by another lot of kulukus...its the nature of the beast they say.
I'm also deactivating because I am beginning to have superficial and lazy relationships with my friends. For instance,  we are chatting on Facebook when they are 5 minutes drive away...I did explain that it was easier that way because I didn't have to get out of my jammies to communicate, but that didn't go down too well. off went the jammies and off we went to visit....and then we ended up ON facebook perving at pictures of newly signed up Tron rugby players on Bookface.
How pathetic is that?
So this week, I am staying off the blimmin thing (small steps, small steps matey) so help me Malia ma le au Farasaio.
....lets see how long I last.