Wednesday, October 05, 2011

When you have everything and it means nothing, ungrateful sod.

So, I have this relative.
(And at this point, I'm hoping that that relation will never read my blog....nor will my cousin CG recognise this relation and put her foot innit and say something like "oi, o oe la laga fa'akakau i ai le blog a Goddess a").

well, anyhow, like i said, I have this relative.

Bloody brilliant mind. So brilliant that as a youngest, he was the pride and joy of the family, village, church, district, from Falealupo to Manono Island to Asau Forest and back.
Anyhow, his brilliance was noticed by visiting teachers, ...palagis from like, overseas places like Amerika!!! wow! lol.
Every time I got home, his mother would boast " Eh! these palagis from Utah were saying he is really brilliant and should go to like, a special school and stuff, he just needs a sponsor... oka se poko!"

With this brilliance came the adoration any parent would have of their child, they doted over him, revelled in his success, pardoned him from feaus, got him 'whatever' he wanted, even momma busted their nonexistent bank account at CCK to buy a puuurtty ofu for the prizegivings.
Then came the year that mattered, and instead of doing well....he fecked it up so bad that he didn't even secure a pass in most subjects.
Yes, this is the boy wonder that was the pride and joy of the indigenous nation.
Now, I've moaned about this before, and I will do it again because instead of the boy dealing with consequences, his parents pat his back and IGNORE the problem.
They naturally enrol him into another programme, and instead of learning from his mistake, he continues like before, hanging with his friends, camping on FB with his snazzy phone and being supported financially by others. Naturally.
Every time he is told off or people (rightly) are sick of his shit, he get all dramatic and says suicidal things...the first time I saw this, I panicked, I thought, "OMG, you can't do that! we love you! don't be stupid!"
So we continued to cottonwool him and because we didn't want him to jump off a cliff, no one would tell him off, or be mean to him, ...everyone was too scared to tell him the truth because no one wants blood on their hands.
No one.
And so the suicidal threats continue, yet more pleas for sympathy and attention.
And it angers me, because he had the world at his feet, the whole fekking family and everything one could ask, and he screwed it up.
Spoilt rotten to a fault.
What sickens me is his parents FAILURE to deal with him, to talk to him even! Can't they see the monster they have created? Are they so proud that they choose to live in his past glories and refuse to face reality?
I ask, again and again, at what point do you stop in your tracks and say "wow, I'm raising a child that can't distinquish cause and consequence, can't admit failure and fails to even try".
The Moral of the story:  Eh, kailo se, e sao ai le kala foi lele, e ese a le poko ia ae a le lava le faaukauka, ia, ga'o le U.F.A. le mea e maua.

Over and under.


Coconut Girl said...

Hahaha ehhh poo se akalii a ai se. Remember he stayed with my brother in the last semester of that YEAR that ga o le makamaka tv ma le internet all day. Maimau le poko.

Malelega said...

faimai ea granma Si'u, e ave ese lava e le Atua lou poko pe'a e le fa'aoga fa'alelei. Ia alu loa e sali popo a pua'a ma fa'alogologo i lau iPod choo hoo