Monday, October 03, 2011

To'a mai le tai Samoa e...Hold your horses please

So, in the aftermath of this Rugby World Cup, we still have much to be appreciative for, our team played their hearts out and gave it their all (bar one Pantene model).
But at the same time, our loss has exposed a weakness about us, our people, that we are all too familiar with.
Once upon a time, our people used to win with pride and lose with a lot of dignity, faamatalii'ness and a basketful of wisdom.
Now, we are reduced to a nation of sore losers and whiners because of the incompetence and ignorance of a few.
Once upon a time, we gathered in humility and discussed our losses, now we bitch and moan on social networks and so go low as to threaten the ref and say things that would have gotten you a salu lima across your facials from your mother.

Don't get me wrong...Gawd, I too am hurting about those unjust decisions, but what am I going to achieve by being a dumbass on facebook? How is my online threats going to make IRB change? (IRB change? hah! nice joke Goddess).

Yup - this RWC is exposing that weakness we all know,  the fia ai kae vale disorder.

Oi aue i le mala ua tele.  


jo_an said...

i agree with you 100%, its sad seeing so many ppl jump on fb with threats /taunts. like you said, whats it going to achieve?. lol @ 'fia ai kae vale' disorder. i think my partner (die-hard manu fan) would agree. Nice post.

Pusi nofo said...

lmfao@ ai kae vale disorder!!! thanks for the afternoon giggle...just what I needed :)

Goddess said...

just watched campbell live..hmmm. no comment.

Daffy said...

I started to have that disorder after the loss but then remembered...we still have boys in the All Blacks, Wallabies & England !!! But certainly the fia aikae disorder will come into play if neither the All Blacks or the Wallabies win the RWC lol
Thanks for a crack up post !

Goddess said...

funnily enough,. im even unfriending some of those deeply affected by the disorder because their angry pantiness is getting a lil' high school for my liking.
...hmmm, no funny.