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Samoan names

Since I started this blog  (You'll be 6 years soon Fagogo bebe), I have gotten heaps of random emails from people wanting to know about:
 -Samoa, about people they met from Samoa, about places, food, about who kocked who up, about who wants to knock me out becuase of what I say, about what places to visit, about etc etc.
The Most frequent requests I have gotten from people are about the tuigas but in recent months, it has been about Samoan the point where I did a word doc with names I like, and names people commonly ask for, so here goes a few that I had listed previously for you to choose from, but do feel free to email me for a perfect name for your baby and I won't list it here (:
No fees apply. lol

Alofa: Love
Alofagia: To be loved.
Agasala: Sin
Atamai Intelligent
Alaisa: Rice
Aialaisa: Eat rice
Alaolesau: The path where ghosts walk in the night from the sea to the mountains at Lalomalava, do not cross.
Alaimoana: My uncle who lives in Australia and likes Vailima.
Aitalafu: Debt
Aiu: Not wanting to give, as in "What a aiu guy"
Aikae: Not recommended.
Alamanuia: income earner (:
Amataga: Beginning
Alalafaga: Village
Amana'ia: Highly regarded
Alamaia: Wake up
Avaga: Elope
Alosina (Alo o Sina): Descendants of Sina (a Sapapalii name)
Ata: Laugh/picture/movie/

Eleele: Earth
Etelu: world famous in Savaii singer
Etenei: name from the Bible i believe
Elia: from the bible
Eveliga: name of world famous in Apia personality
Efuefu: Dust. (You like that? you freak show you)
Eleitino: A taupou name from the village of Apia, and if you are not related and not connected to the family, don't use it.
Eleimana: The two words I like phonetically, Elei and mana put together and forms a name with no real meaning.
Elena: copied from the Spanish Elena
Eletise: Electicity
Enele: Transliteration of my friend Henry from Sinamoga
Epenesa: Name of Manu Samoa physio back in the days when Manu Samoa had to share rugger boots and borrow jerseys. Oh wait...its still happening. sorry, I sidestepped there.

Ilipu: Blow the couch shell or who one had a slightly unfortunate mouth area.
Iiga: Name of Faautu's ancestor who built a boat and sailed the Iiga Pass in Saipan while he was exiled there. Thus the name, Iiga Pass. Legend.
Igaga: Whitebait only found in Puleia, Savaii
Iloilo: Select, choose
Iliili: gravel, also name of village
Itagia: Hated
Isalei: goodbye in Fijian
Imosina: beautiful Samoan name.
Iesu: Jesus
Itumalo: District
Iamua: First fish
Isupe: Runny Nose

Olaga: Life
Olioli: Joyous, Joy
Osana: Praise
Oloa: Treasures, goods.
Osofaalava: Don't name child this.
Olive: olive
Oti: Goat or Cut or Dead. Take you pick.

Ulufanuasesee: from legend
Ulutala: Title Page
Usugafono: Attending a conference/meeting. (In the event that your bebe was conceieved at one of these.
Uila: Bike
Uta: Inland
Ufa: Don't name child of small town outside of former USSR.
Uila Emo: Lightning

Fai: Depending on pronounciation it can mean Banana, To do, breaking of sail, break ones jaw(Fafa'i really) or the fish that killed Steve Urwin.
Filifilia: Chosen. The chose one.
Fotuosamoa: The greatest name in the world. Apparently. Don't name child or else it'll be a beautiful stunner in the future. True story.
Fiafia: Happy
faamaoni: faithful
Fusuaga: Fight
Feiloaiga: Meeting
Fuarosa: Rose but also meeting gettin' nothin' in drag speak(:
Finau: Determined?
Faafufusi: Don't name your kid this.
Ferila: colourful flowering plant
Fata: brother of Tuna, sons of malietoa who turned rock at Tolotolo during Tongan rule.
Feiloaiga: meeting

Gaualofa: Now well known because of the traditional vaa currently sailing across the Pacific and beyond.
Galusina: White wave
Galutoo: Bleeding wave
Gogosina: White dove.
Gaupapa: Slug
Galo: Forget
Gagana: Language

Lesina: I like that name.
Leutogitupaitea: from the legend, Leutogi being the cannibal sister who is banned and becomes a star in the east (east) who rises in the early morning.
Lupe: Pigeon, but if you want to romantice it, then make it a Dove.
Lupesina: White (pigeon) dove
Lupelele: Flying (pigeon) dove
Lupelei: My cousin from Safua
Lupeuluiva: Pigeon with 9 heads. arrrr...vicious! from legend in falealili at vai o le gogo
Lomitusi: Printer
Leaisetupe: No dinero.
Laauli: in legends La'auli is a strikingly beautiful man who wowed women and is brave, say no more.
Lautala: Fijian man, second husband of Laufafaetoga i believe. comes from Fijian word Laucala.
Lemalie: Unsatisfied
Leomalie: sweet voice
Loimata: Tears
Loimatamaligi: falling tears
LoimataoApaula: Tears of Apaula
Loimatalagi: Heavenly tears
Leala: The Way
Lealaolemativa: The way/road of poverty between Taaga and Satupaitea
Lealali: my uncle who passed away,. matai name from Safuando
Lega: egg yolk

Manaia: Nice or male son of high chief/male dancer.
Malosi: Strong.
Mana: Spirit, the essence of being, a common name/term throughout the Pacific, and my boy's third name (:
Malaia: curse. yes, because people have named their illigit kids this ):
Malae: Field/space, usually the central field where meetings were held traditionally and is also the place where your family's genealogy connects to. Malae is Marae in Maori.
Malaeolema: The field or place where Nafanua fought and was found out to be a woman. Ma: shame...field of shame for ALL MEN coz a woman kicked yo ass'.
Manamea: Beloved, I love this one too, so adoring.
Malie: Nice, or shark.
Maile: Dog
Maina: comes from Lagi maina, as in Ia lagi ma ina lo kakou aso,,,we hope the day is blessed, no drama).
Mailei: Trap. (As in, she got pregnant to trap him into a relationship :)
Manase: My great grandparents were faifeau in this village in Savaii.
Moe: Sleep
Manuia: Bless/Well.
Moetolo: Sleep crawler
Moana: Ocean
Manu'a (one of the islands within the Samoan archipelago)
Measina: treasures...made popular by theme of PAF 1996? called Tala measina.
Moemamanuaesaumalaeatiae: Sleep with blessing but awoken by bad news/bad omen/bad news?
Moegalo: Plant you grow but acts as a natural fly repellant.
Malietoa: paramount chief of Samoa, ongoing title bestowment issues with this one.
Mele'i: The stick that you use to husk open a coconut.

Nonoa: Tie, as it, "child, when I got pregnant with you, I got nonoa'd down".
Nofoa: Seat.
Nuanua: Rainbow
Nuanuaolealofa: NGO in Samoa, Rainbow of Love.
Nonu: fruit with healing components that Jackie Chen and co are in dodgy talks over.
Nala: from Lion King

Puava: name of reef opening outside of falealupo
Pusi: Cat but also have other connotations.
Pipi: Chiefly title from Salelologa. Don't name child because of 'those' connotations.
Pele: darling or my beloved or deck of cards
Penina: Pearl
Pemita: Permit
Palota: Elections, Vote.
Pusalalau: Name of a special needs group in Samoa headed by Enele and Sina.

Salamasina: The first tafaifa in Samoan history. Also her descendants include head of Papauta College, Salamasina who was well respected in Samoa.
Sala: Fine (Village fine)
Sene: Coin
Sefulu: Ten
Sina: The name of almost every heroine in every samoan legend,..some are extended to be Sinaleulalei of Vaiala, Sinaleavele the spirit ghost of Avele, Sinaleulaseasea of Paia, Sina tupe faamolemole etc etc
Sisi aferika: African snail
Sikalamu: Scrum
Sikoa: Score, Try in a game of rugby or in a romantic courtship.
Salataise; Kuini's beautiful momma.
Samoaneigalo: Samoa don't forget

Toa: Brave. Warrior.
Tamatoa: Brave boy or man. I loved this name growing up and wanted to name any boy of mine Tamatoa. But then I told someone this plan and the bugger named her child Tamatoa, but its all good, she asked me about it. ...(but no more sharing my preferred names haha).
Tuaimoana: I love this song "e Tua i moana e tua i moana la ta tu'ugatala"..before I had kids I wanted to name one Tuaimoana.
Tautalailagi: My great grandmother from Fusi Safotulafai who married Futu from Gautavai. I have about 7 relatives named this., so it's confusing when you look at our family tree.
Tifaga: Movies....for those who met their baby daddy at the movies.
Tauilagi: My sister's son's original name. Thanks Mom (:
Tausagimaimanu: Birds sing in the trees.
Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese: The revered Head of State of Samoa. Probably not for naming your child because those are matai titles (:
To'oa: Another taupou name that is overused incorrectly to the point where every other Miss Samoa contestant is suddenly a To'oa. Do not use if youre not connected to it.
Tala: Story.

Vaimoana: Divided or parted by the oceans....awww, how romantic. gag.
Vasa: Ocean aso name of bitchy nurse on Shortland Street.
Viiga: Praise.
Vanimonimo: Sky
Vaatausili: after legend of fijian boat shifted onto the trees. also name of skinny guy who slept in cave and his body grew.
Vailima: Beer. Water in the hand.
Vaasiliifiti: My mom's matai title which was bestowed upon her in the 70s at Safua. Vaa is the boat that Laufafaetoga (Tongan daughter of Tongan king) boarded with Tupa'i that was destined for Samoa but went off course to Fiji(thus the vaa sili i Fiti). In Fiji, she settled with Tuifiti and had 2 children then returned to Samoa and she was in labour on the boat and Tupai said, dont despair, ua Fotu mai Samoa (thus my name), she eventually arrived at Safotu and had the baby named the above, and she was protected by her brothers and so on and so forth

Herota: Herrod from the Bible


Rapiti: self explanatory really.



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LOL - A lot of those names are very familiar and now I know the true meanings behind them. Some are lovely and others not so much.

Nice post!.

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thanks ladies...but dont believe all my translations lol..

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Oka, fiu ka ke aka ia oe ma lau Samoan Dictionary, well done Fotu. I so would buy it, just for a good laugh. Fa'aopopo gisi upu fou....malie taliga e fa'alogo. Aue!

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