Monday, October 24, 2011

oh what a week!

So it started with a birthday, then graduation, throw in some crayfish and whitebait, top it off with some Moet and tah dah! splitting disgusting hangover and a whole day of work to plough through.

I am very very overjoyed that my mother made it to witness me recieve that piece of paper. She missed the last one, so this one was fabulous with her presence. I walked with MM on stage (because she wasn't having it any other way) but more so because she was the driving force that pushed me to start on my masters journey and then she endured months weeks of zero attentiobn while I traveled and then camped in the labs doing my write up.

If I had my way, I would have taken the whole family basket to collect it, because they were all in many ways, part of my trip....but hey, its a palagi stage, can't hold our lot. lol.Things got even better when Lagipoiva walked into the back door.....AFTER she convinced me she just couldn't make it because of meetings. What an amazing surprise....even more so because I had someone to help me straighten my hair.
The children LOVED having the relations over. Tui loved being around my mom and would crawl towards whereever she is. MM of course was in princess heaven having Lagipoiva at home....yay, someone who can tell her fairytale after fagogo after current affairs and everything in between.

My other sister (yes - i have many, in case you hav'nt noticed, lol) Marilynn, soon because Tuis favourite - he loved hanging around her malu!!! and then he was enjoying soft cushions when Marilynn held him...bahaha! And did I mention the crayfish and the whitebait fritters?

On Saturday, we had a friends nite to celebrate...over a large bowl of potent punch with too much vodka (thank you laus and pusalalaus for leaving that apple Absolut in the kitchen).

On Sunday, we cleaned up a little then off to the Mount to watch the game with the Rogers and friends. Great night, the ABs finally end their drought after 24 years and thank God for that, this nation deserved it!!
The highlight for us as Varsity supporters was OUR Stephen Donald saving the day for New Zealand, after he got hated and slagged all this look whose laughing now?!!

Best yet, Dusautoir was the player of the tournament and Frenchy got some $$$ from TAB for his only try...whooohoooo.
...and then the vodka punch was out again to ruin us all.

Now that that BIG week is over,...and I have had 6 hours sleep, I wish to thank all my family and friends who have been there for us over the last 2 trying years. We love you and like momma said, "hold your head high but don't forget your identity, humble yourself and be grateful...stop asking. "Why me" and start 'doing" and being the difference"

Viia le Alii ona o nei faamanuiaga

Ia, and a classic to wrap up the photo collage by none other than my mother dearest - that you for the fa'aleaga aka, hah.


Lani Wendt Young said...

Congratulations! so happy for you and for the family that supported you. Malo lava.Such an awesome achievement.

(Very proud too to say that I once taught you a couple of English fings waaaaaay back in the day...sigh.) Even if i taught you nuffin, just so proud to say- 'See that role model for Pacific women everywhere? I taught her once, I knew her!

Goddess said...

thanks Lani...what a faamimika kagaka girl you are....thank you!..but no, if im a role model then we are all in trouble, (: Im interested in your children's books thing - my sister has been on my case for a while now and now you come up with this. hmmm...maybe its worth doing anyway..when I have more free time, I will seriously consider it. cheers!

Coconut Girl said...

Bwahahahaha love mother dearest's pic. Nothing like your mother flashing the camera to make your grad more enjoyable. AND CONGRATULATIONS!!! Amuia oe i fafige uma. We, the Siusega tribe are extremely proud of your achievement. Your uncle was going on about it all last week...and of course making sidecomments about his own useless daughter baahaha but you know foi kakou in one ear out the other. Pugi. I love your Mena pei a oe o se real.

Aaaand HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY! Eh kai kele foi. Hope it was a blast xox