Wednesday, October 05, 2011

O le Tulafale, The Orator

Kiwis, don't forget, The Orator comes to a cinema near you TODAY!!!

Like their Facebook page and check out where the film is screened near you under "Info" or just do a good ol' google search in your city (:

Check out this raving review by the New Zealand Herald.

Watch the TV3 review by Kate Rodgers here.

Just...GO and watch it with your family and friends....hundreds of coconuts around the world envy us for having access to this Academy Award nominated film, so milk it while we can!

Lastly, keep an indigenous actor alive today and NO illegal copying.

Manuia outou matua ae ola matou le fanau soifu.


Daffy said...

I'm so excited !! Those of us in Brisbane have to wait another month !! argh

Goddess said...

its worth the wait is. Brilliant...sob sob, mademe cwy, and laugh and cwy some more (:

jo_an said...

^ I'm with daffy. So disappointed we have to wait for another month to see this fabulous film.

But I bet it will be worth the wait!.