Monday, October 10, 2011

nothing like a punch in the gut to bring ones day dddooooown! is one of those days, when you (me to be exact) think you're winning against the tide when in fact, the current has taken you waaaay out....and the prospect of getting back is just overwhelming, so you just give up, and sink to the bottom.

eh, i'm just being cryptic when i should just get to the point.

What a shitter of a day.
Bring on the weekend already.
Anyhow, just to end with a positive note, this is a gorgeous photo I took in Taaga.
This leaf is used as a traditional cure for an overactive bladder/bladder infection, which we call kulika kamo'e (where you are running to the toilet for a wee but it's only a trickle) or for kulika kiga (when passing urine is painful). The leaves are picked, shredded and pounded until there is a cup of liquid to drink.
sorry - aimless blog update today....but do tune in for fascinating blog entries in like,....never. lol

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