Tuesday, November 01, 2011

I've deactivated again

I was beginning to get clinically depressed watching the SRU tractor crash into a mauadtheova tree...and even more depressed knowing that very little will change in our oiland paradise.
These kulukus will be replaced by another lot of kulukus...its the nature of the beast they say.
I'm also deactivating because I am beginning to have superficial and lazy relationships with my friends. For instance,  we are chatting on Facebook when they are 5 minutes drive away...I did explain that it was easier that way because I didn't have to get out of my jammies to communicate, but that didn't go down too well. ...so off went the jammies and off we went to visit....and then we ended up ON facebook perving at pictures of newly signed up Tron rugby players on Bookface.
How pathetic is that?
So this week, I am staying off the blimmin thing (small steps, small steps matey) so help me Malia ma le au Farasaio.
....lets see how long I last.


ulalei said...

Ai lalafa, what about your friends living on the other side of the world? lol... ae pei lava ua sa'o oe! Kiga maka i lea SRU pipilo ia xoxo

Goddess said...

Pa'u kagea, what about we have somefing called email and telephone and ...THIS! lea ua uma le facebook addiction and faulala'i mai le blogger addiction. Feel free to communicate with me thru the above mediums or if you really do care, fa'aali le fiafia i le westen union. ...totolu mai totolu mai!

Goddess said...

and how was your trip to ...Lebanese by the way...hahah.\
fa'apea a a'u o le'a e stop over i le town fo'i lele i Russia.