Sunday, October 30, 2011

Halloweeennn who does that??

We live in Ni'u Ziland right.
Ten years ago, Halloween was a thing that people from Amerika were celebrating and something we here in the bottom Pacific Ocean simply, ...watched on tv.

So all the ads on tv this week did not faze me, nor did I plan to buy candy for any little sheeets knocking on my door.
Yes, I'm a non-American bitch like that. Thank you very fat.

But what I was unprepared for was the midget telling me, (along with a sketch in her scrap book) that she was going to be a mermaid.

Why am I unprepared?
Because she had a picture in her mind, transformed onto a page and communicated to me in these terms "Youre going to make me a mermaid with beautiful golden shells and a tail that is sparkly. I also want some pearls on my top and a purple bra like Ariel, okay mom?"
This was last night, for the party down the

I had to get up at 6am to put the damned thing together before she got up.
Out of the lack of 'mermaidy resources' I had to tear one of my puletasi ies for the tail and she also went ahead and chose my expensive tuiga shells for her hairpiece.

As I am doing this, I am suddenly struck with guilt. I was a demanding little shit with my mom when it came to stuff like this.
My goodness - i used to do just this...even up to when I was 20...argh!

My mom did my traditional wear for some pageant and every time she tried the garment on me I got so worried and at times upset because it wasn't what I had in mind!..and then it turned out to be winning traditionally inspired wear in the end and I was reminded again, Mom knows best.

Now, I am getting punished for being a nightmare to my own mother.
I have my own demanding little brat who is expecting an amazing costume that will exceed what she has in her wee mind.
So help me Allah!

...and damn you Ariel and Halloween!


Pusi nofo said...

The last couple of years I've been 'anit' halloween. For a few reasons, but one of the main ones being that it's only days away from Guy Fawkes which my kids, especially the boys, absolutely LOVE. So My rule is, choose...halloween OR Guy Fawkes, but we won't be doing both (Fireworks are SOOOO expensive!). I'm a meanie like that lol.

LOVE how your daughter at such a young age has drawn you her design and knows what she wants!! Gorgeous!! Would love to see a pic of your efforts please! She's lucky to have such a crafty mama!!

jo_an said...

:) I second the pic ^ would love to see your daughters costume!. she definitely sounds like she knows what she wants!. I can truthfully say I was also very much the same growing up. And now I know what I have ahead of me. Oh goodness. Hehe. Hope your daughter had a great night trick or treating!

Goddess said...

i forgot to report that after i blogged, i got a call from kindy to get her she had a high temperature, we still went to the party becuase she insisted but the mermaid was a bit groggy from the Pamol and not very excited. we're gonna do a wee catchup in the weekend with her besties to make up for it....(guilty mom attempt at redemption) hah! will put her in her costume on sat and take a pic pea finagalo i ai lana afiogaga ua ova le fiapots. manuia le aso sugas