Friday, October 07, 2011

Getting ready for Lotu Tamaiti

Today, we went to look for a dress for MM.
We came home with 2 dresses, new shoes, pjs and stockings.
She will make a convincing negotiator, coz I just got robbed.

Anyhow, it takes me back to Safua, being one of 4 girls and my mom used to make us all a dress, usually two for the 2 services.
It was the highlight of the year when she carried out the sewing machine and lays out the rolls of fabrics.
Wow - we were so lucky!
She used to stay up, sewing away, having countless cups of tea and ov course, the Consulate ciggies on the side.
Oi aue....
(YES! Ireland scored!)
Anyhow, Mom arrives in the morning, and we are about to drive up tonight to celebrate Lotu Tamaiti with some of our relations.
MM has memorised her wee tauloto and is all psyched - something tells me she's all mimika now but will freak out in front of the auloku.
ah well, it doesn't matter, she's got the dress and looks the part.
...oh, and aunty is making panipopos...choohooo!


Malelega said...

aww wish I was there to see our little princess in action. Take a video please. xxx

Anonymous said...

BEautiful Maeva! Tauloto is perfect! Malo Maeva's Mom and Dad!