Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applying to be the Manu Samoa Team Manager

I'm applying for the job, since I have the qualifications by the looks of it.

I can drink till the 'crooks' come home,
I like to share rugby gears and perks with my family and friends,
I like to swear when things are not going my way.
I enjoy staying in nice hotels when other people are paying for it.
...and ordering room service.
I like a free ride.
I like paid holidays, especially family holidays where my cousin, uncle and custen bradas are all on the same holiday package with me.
I like being on the sideline with a dead phone on my ear pretending I'm busy talking when the boys are playing, and I get to wear an expensive suit paid for by samoan kids lunch money.
Ultimately, I like being around men, particularly Manu Samoa men.
They who will come begging to me for gears, and I will have nothing to give but the shirt on my back. Literally.
Please consider my application favourably,
Kind regards,

Goddess Schuster.
(P.s and yes - I prefer that you address me by my honorary title, not my igoa kaule'ale'a, thank you for your coming :-)


Coconut Girl said...

Hahaha very nicely said. If my surname was Schuster, I would accept your application immediately.


hahahaha Goddess, congratulations the job is yours lol bt nek minnit!!


hihi...Congratulations Goddess the job is yours....Youve gt everything that we are looking for, but you didnt say e lelei lau ai kupe hahaaha nek minnit!!1

Goddess said...

dont you worry, i can spend that moolah faster that you can say "ai afu". lol...nekkminnit ua AMy winehouse i lalo o le giu, choohooo!