Sunday, October 30, 2011

Samoan names

Since I started this blog  (You'll be 6 years soon Fagogo bebe), I have gotten heaps of random emails from people wanting to know about:
 -Samoa, about people they met from Samoa, about places, food, about who kocked who up, about who wants to knock me out becuase of what I say, about what places to visit, about etc etc.
The Most frequent requests I have gotten from people are about the tuigas but in recent months, it has been about Samoan the point where I did a word doc with names I like, and names people commonly ask for, so here goes a few that I had listed previously for you to choose from, but do feel free to email me for a perfect name for your baby and I won't list it here (:
No fees apply. lol

Alofa: Love
Alofagia: To be loved.
Agasala: Sin
Atamai Intelligent
Alaisa: Rice
Aialaisa: Eat rice
Alaolesau: The path where ghosts walk in the night from the sea to the mountains at Lalomalava, do not cross.
Alaimoana: My uncle who lives in Australia and likes Vailima.
Aitalafu: Debt
Aiu: Not wanting to give, as in "What a aiu guy"
Aikae: Not recommended.
Alamanuia: income earner (:
Amataga: Beginning
Alalafaga: Village
Amana'ia: Highly regarded
Alamaia: Wake up
Avaga: Elope
Alosina (Alo o Sina): Descendants of Sina (a Sapapalii name)
Ata: Laugh/picture/movie/

Eleele: Earth
Etelu: world famous in Savaii singer
Etenei: name from the Bible i believe
Elia: from the bible
Eveliga: name of world famous in Apia personality
Efuefu: Dust. (You like that? you freak show you)
Eleitino: A taupou name from the village of Apia, and if you are not related and not connected to the family, don't use it.
Eleimana: The two words I like phonetically, Elei and mana put together and forms a name with no real meaning.
Elena: copied from the Spanish Elena
Eletise: Electicity
Enele: Transliteration of my friend Henry from Sinamoga
Epenesa: Name of Manu Samoa physio back in the days when Manu Samoa had to share rugger boots and borrow jerseys. Oh wait...its still happening. sorry, I sidestepped there.

Ilipu: Blow the couch shell or who one had a slightly unfortunate mouth area.
Iiga: Name of Faautu's ancestor who built a boat and sailed the Iiga Pass in Saipan while he was exiled there. Thus the name, Iiga Pass. Legend.
Igaga: Whitebait only found in Puleia, Savaii
Iloilo: Select, choose
Iliili: gravel, also name of village
Itagia: Hated
Isalei: goodbye in Fijian
Imosina: beautiful Samoan name.
Iesu: Jesus
Itumalo: District
Iamua: First fish
Isupe: Runny Nose

Olaga: Life
Olioli: Joyous, Joy
Osana: Praise
Oloa: Treasures, goods.
Osofaalava: Don't name child this.
Olive: olive
Oti: Goat or Cut or Dead. Take you pick.

Ulufanuasesee: from legend
Ulutala: Title Page
Usugafono: Attending a conference/meeting. (In the event that your bebe was conceieved at one of these.
Uila: Bike
Uta: Inland
Ufa: Don't name child of small town outside of former USSR.
Uila Emo: Lightning

Fai: Depending on pronounciation it can mean Banana, To do, breaking of sail, break ones jaw(Fafa'i really) or the fish that killed Steve Urwin.
Filifilia: Chosen. The chose one.
Fotuosamoa: The greatest name in the world. Apparently. Don't name child or else it'll be a beautiful stunner in the future. True story.
Fiafia: Happy
faamaoni: faithful
Fusuaga: Fight
Feiloaiga: Meeting
Fuarosa: Rose but also meeting gettin' nothin' in drag speak(:
Finau: Determined?
Faafufusi: Don't name your kid this.
Ferila: colourful flowering plant
Fata: brother of Tuna, sons of malietoa who turned rock at Tolotolo during Tongan rule.
Feiloaiga: meeting

Gaualofa: Now well known because of the traditional vaa currently sailing across the Pacific and beyond.
Galusina: White wave
Galutoo: Bleeding wave
Gogosina: White dove.
Gaupapa: Slug
Galo: Forget
Gagana: Language

Lesina: I like that name.
Leutogitupaitea: from the legend, Leutogi being the cannibal sister who is banned and becomes a star in the east (east) who rises in the early morning.
Lupe: Pigeon, but if you want to romantice it, then make it a Dove.
Lupesina: White (pigeon) dove
Lupelele: Flying (pigeon) dove
Lupelei: My cousin from Safua
Lupeuluiva: Pigeon with 9 heads. arrrr...vicious! from legend in falealili at vai o le gogo
Lomitusi: Printer
Leaisetupe: No dinero.
Laauli: in legends La'auli is a strikingly beautiful man who wowed women and is brave, say no more.
Lautala: Fijian man, second husband of Laufafaetoga i believe. comes from Fijian word Laucala.
Lemalie: Unsatisfied
Leomalie: sweet voice
Loimata: Tears
Loimatamaligi: falling tears
LoimataoApaula: Tears of Apaula
Loimatalagi: Heavenly tears
Leala: The Way
Lealaolemativa: The way/road of poverty between Taaga and Satupaitea
Lealali: my uncle who passed away,. matai name from Safuando
Lega: egg yolk

Manaia: Nice or male son of high chief/male dancer.
Malosi: Strong.
Mana: Spirit, the essence of being, a common name/term throughout the Pacific, and my boy's third name (:
Malaia: curse. yes, because people have named their illigit kids this ):
Malae: Field/space, usually the central field where meetings were held traditionally and is also the place where your family's genealogy connects to. Malae is Marae in Maori.
Malaeolema: The field or place where Nafanua fought and was found out to be a woman. Ma: shame...field of shame for ALL MEN coz a woman kicked yo ass'.
Manamea: Beloved, I love this one too, so adoring.
Malie: Nice, or shark.
Maile: Dog
Maina: comes from Lagi maina, as in Ia lagi ma ina lo kakou aso,,,we hope the day is blessed, no drama).
Mailei: Trap. (As in, she got pregnant to trap him into a relationship :)
Manase: My great grandparents were faifeau in this village in Savaii.
Moe: Sleep
Manuia: Bless/Well.
Moetolo: Sleep crawler
Moana: Ocean
Manu'a (one of the islands within the Samoan archipelago)
Measina: treasures...made popular by theme of PAF 1996? called Tala measina.
Moemamanuaesaumalaeatiae: Sleep with blessing but awoken by bad news/bad omen/bad news?
Moegalo: Plant you grow but acts as a natural fly repellant.
Malietoa: paramount chief of Samoa, ongoing title bestowment issues with this one.
Mele'i: The stick that you use to husk open a coconut.

Nonoa: Tie, as it, "child, when I got pregnant with you, I got nonoa'd down".
Nofoa: Seat.
Nuanua: Rainbow
Nuanuaolealofa: NGO in Samoa, Rainbow of Love.
Nonu: fruit with healing components that Jackie Chen and co are in dodgy talks over.
Nala: from Lion King

Puava: name of reef opening outside of falealupo
Pusi: Cat but also have other connotations.
Pipi: Chiefly title from Salelologa. Don't name child because of 'those' connotations.
Pele: darling or my beloved or deck of cards
Penina: Pearl
Pemita: Permit
Palota: Elections, Vote.
Pusalalau: Name of a special needs group in Samoa headed by Enele and Sina.

Salamasina: The first tafaifa in Samoan history. Also her descendants include head of Papauta College, Salamasina who was well respected in Samoa.
Sala: Fine (Village fine)
Sene: Coin
Sefulu: Ten
Sina: The name of almost every heroine in every samoan legend,..some are extended to be Sinaleulalei of Vaiala, Sinaleavele the spirit ghost of Avele, Sinaleulaseasea of Paia, Sina tupe faamolemole etc etc
Sisi aferika: African snail
Sikalamu: Scrum
Sikoa: Score, Try in a game of rugby or in a romantic courtship.
Salataise; Kuini's beautiful momma.
Samoaneigalo: Samoa don't forget

Toa: Brave. Warrior.
Tamatoa: Brave boy or man. I loved this name growing up and wanted to name any boy of mine Tamatoa. But then I told someone this plan and the bugger named her child Tamatoa, but its all good, she asked me about it. ...(but no more sharing my preferred names haha).
Tuaimoana: I love this song "e Tua i moana e tua i moana la ta tu'ugatala"..before I had kids I wanted to name one Tuaimoana.
Tautalailagi: My great grandmother from Fusi Safotulafai who married Futu from Gautavai. I have about 7 relatives named this., so it's confusing when you look at our family tree.
Tifaga: Movies....for those who met their baby daddy at the movies.
Tauilagi: My sister's son's original name. Thanks Mom (:
Tausagimaimanu: Birds sing in the trees.
Tuiatua Tupua Tamasese: The revered Head of State of Samoa. Probably not for naming your child because those are matai titles (:
To'oa: Another taupou name that is overused incorrectly to the point where every other Miss Samoa contestant is suddenly a To'oa. Do not use if youre not connected to it.
Tala: Story.

Vaimoana: Divided or parted by the oceans....awww, how romantic. gag.
Vasa: Ocean aso name of bitchy nurse on Shortland Street.
Viiga: Praise.
Vanimonimo: Sky
Vaatausili: after legend of fijian boat shifted onto the trees. also name of skinny guy who slept in cave and his body grew.
Vailima: Beer. Water in the hand.
Vaasiliifiti: My mom's matai title which was bestowed upon her in the 70s at Safua. Vaa is the boat that Laufafaetoga (Tongan daughter of Tongan king) boarded with Tupa'i that was destined for Samoa but went off course to Fiji(thus the vaa sili i Fiti). In Fiji, she settled with Tuifiti and had 2 children then returned to Samoa and she was in labour on the boat and Tupai said, dont despair, ua Fotu mai Samoa (thus my name), she eventually arrived at Safotu and had the baby named the above, and she was protected by her brothers and so on and so forth

Herota: Herrod from the Bible


Rapiti: self explanatory really.


Halloweeennn who does that??

We live in Ni'u Ziland right.
Ten years ago, Halloween was a thing that people from Amerika were celebrating and something we here in the bottom Pacific Ocean simply, ...watched on tv.

So all the ads on tv this week did not faze me, nor did I plan to buy candy for any little sheeets knocking on my door.
Yes, I'm a non-American bitch like that. Thank you very fat.

But what I was unprepared for was the midget telling me, (along with a sketch in her scrap book) that she was going to be a mermaid.

Why am I unprepared?
Because she had a picture in her mind, transformed onto a page and communicated to me in these terms "Youre going to make me a mermaid with beautiful golden shells and a tail that is sparkly. I also want some pearls on my top and a purple bra like Ariel, okay mom?"
This was last night, for the party down the

I had to get up at 6am to put the damned thing together before she got up.
Out of the lack of 'mermaidy resources' I had to tear one of my puletasi ies for the tail and she also went ahead and chose my expensive tuiga shells for her hairpiece.

As I am doing this, I am suddenly struck with guilt. I was a demanding little shit with my mom when it came to stuff like this.
My goodness - i used to do just this...even up to when I was 20...argh!

My mom did my traditional wear for some pageant and every time she tried the garment on me I got so worried and at times upset because it wasn't what I had in mind!..and then it turned out to be winning traditionally inspired wear in the end and I was reminded again, Mom knows best.

Now, I am getting punished for being a nightmare to my own mother.
I have my own demanding little brat who is expecting an amazing costume that will exceed what she has in her wee mind.
So help me Allah!

...and damn you Ariel and Halloween!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

joyous sunday in the sun

wow- what an absolutely sunny perfect day.
we spent most of it outside, walking to the river, feeding ducks, walking again and for the first time in months, weeding the garden which is now actually a weed garden.

This is also the first week we are finally having some normality; no guests, trips away, things to rush I feel a lot more settled, have done ALL of the washing, have made 2 tuigas in a week (a-m-a-z-i-n-g) and even got Maeva's bestie over for the day to play(after months of ...okay MM...later, we''ll get her later..stop asking MM!).

Exam season at uni, so our neighbours the counsellors are at their usual busy phase,...suddenly deadly ill students, family problems suddenly cropping up on exam week and the odd suicidal attempt to make the week fly.

What's hapening this week:
-Lights Party at the church down the road. Instead of Halloween. Free sausage sizzle. So yay, Iwe are Evangelists for a day.
-Frenchy in Supershitty for 3 days, so I'm solo-mom'ing -take outs, ice cream and tv on 24/7.
-The New Caledonians get in on the Saturday, so  gotta brush up on ze broken French.

Aunty Ev still hasnt set my camera, so hope we get it this week.

Manuia le vaiaso.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Blow your own trumpet!

Our HR department said to me recently:
"Sometimes we presume that just because we work for the same organisation, the selectors will know you, don't be afraid to blow your own trumpet and sell yourself".

In other words, don't wait for someone else to ili the pu koso for you, do it yourself and do it well...ia ua lelei ili pu mai Sagoge.

So, I packed my instruments and went down the path of self promotion and bolstering my networks.
...Which, is like, tooooootally not me! (ahem - no way! I mean, talking about myself??? I don't do that, no! I I I don't do that!).

Anyhow, I gave myself 5 days. I was going to tackle one person a day (not Tuilagi tackle, but more so, I was going to win over a mover and a shaker one day at a time).
It works. It works wonders.
(smiles from ear to ear)

Like the MBA mantra states, close your eyes....
"Happiness is a positive cash flow" ooooommmmmmmmmm!

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Applying to be the Manu Samoa Team Manager

I'm applying for the job, since I have the qualifications by the looks of it.

I can drink till the 'crooks' come home,
I like to share rugby gears and perks with my family and friends,
I like to swear when things are not going my way.
I enjoy staying in nice hotels when other people are paying for it.
...and ordering room service.
I like a free ride.
I like paid holidays, especially family holidays where my cousin, uncle and custen bradas are all on the same holiday package with me.
I like being on the sideline with a dead phone on my ear pretending I'm busy talking when the boys are playing, and I get to wear an expensive suit paid for by samoan kids lunch money.
Ultimately, I like being around men, particularly Manu Samoa men.
They who will come begging to me for gears, and I will have nothing to give but the shirt on my back. Literally.
Please consider my application favourably,
Kind regards,

Goddess Schuster.
(P.s and yes - I prefer that you address me by my honorary title, not my igoa kaule'ale'a, thank you for your coming :-)

Monday, October 24, 2011

oh what a week!

So it started with a birthday, then graduation, throw in some crayfish and whitebait, top it off with some Moet and tah dah! splitting disgusting hangover and a whole day of work to plough through.

I am very very overjoyed that my mother made it to witness me recieve that piece of paper. She missed the last one, so this one was fabulous with her presence. I walked with MM on stage (because she wasn't having it any other way) but more so because she was the driving force that pushed me to start on my masters journey and then she endured months weeks of zero attentiobn while I traveled and then camped in the labs doing my write up.

If I had my way, I would have taken the whole family basket to collect it, because they were all in many ways, part of my trip....but hey, its a palagi stage, can't hold our lot. lol.Things got even better when Lagipoiva walked into the back door.....AFTER she convinced me she just couldn't make it because of meetings. What an amazing surprise....even more so because I had someone to help me straighten my hair.
The children LOVED having the relations over. Tui loved being around my mom and would crawl towards whereever she is. MM of course was in princess heaven having Lagipoiva at home....yay, someone who can tell her fairytale after fagogo after current affairs and everything in between.

My other sister (yes - i have many, in case you hav'nt noticed, lol) Marilynn, soon because Tuis favourite - he loved hanging around her malu!!! and then he was enjoying soft cushions when Marilynn held him...bahaha! And did I mention the crayfish and the whitebait fritters?

On Saturday, we had a friends nite to celebrate...over a large bowl of potent punch with too much vodka (thank you laus and pusalalaus for leaving that apple Absolut in the kitchen).

On Sunday, we cleaned up a little then off to the Mount to watch the game with the Rogers and friends. Great night, the ABs finally end their drought after 24 years and thank God for that, this nation deserved it!!
The highlight for us as Varsity supporters was OUR Stephen Donald saving the day for New Zealand, after he got hated and slagged all this look whose laughing now?!!

Best yet, Dusautoir was the player of the tournament and Frenchy got some $$$ from TAB for his only try...whooohoooo.
...and then the vodka punch was out again to ruin us all.

Now that that BIG week is over,...and I have had 6 hours sleep, I wish to thank all my family and friends who have been there for us over the last 2 trying years. We love you and like momma said, "hold your head high but don't forget your identity, humble yourself and be grateful...stop asking. "Why me" and start 'doing" and being the difference"

Viia le Alii ona o nei faamanuiaga

Ia, and a classic to wrap up the photo collage by none other than my mother dearest - that you for the fa'aleaga aka, hah.

Monday, October 17, 2011

The Orator and the Doctor

At the doctors with mother dearest:

Doctor: Where does it hurt?

Mom: My leg, foot and thigh.

Doctor: What do you do for exercise?

Mom: Ia, I walk, do jazzercise with my group, I always do my breathing exercises...(and she pauses dramatically, straightens her back and inhales coolly in a Hollywood demonstration)...and of course, I played hockey and netball (back in the 50s but hey, whose counting?).

Doctor: Have you had any accidents before? Maybe a fall? Anything u can recall?

Mom: No..................................................No not really.
Well, I did have an accident when I was dancing, (and she looks at me)...e ke magakua? (I didn't). We were on a Tourism Road Show and you know foi a, we women, when we danced, we did the aiuli because there were no men in the know (and the doctor looks searchingly for the punchline) when I got down to do the aiuli, I decided to land on my backside....(and she's near acting this in the office).

Doctor: So what happened?

Mom: "Ia" and she gets up and does the faakaupaki, "I broke the bone. But it's okay...I went to the hospital and yeah, they killed off the nerve. Really, its not my back that's the problem, its my leg, foot and thigh".

Doctor: So, you had no other accidents then?

Mom: No, not at all.

Doctor: So, can you show me where it hurts?

Mom: "E fai aku a le ufa ae fesili soo mai"...and she shows where it hurts again.

Doctor: "Okay, let me organise for some xrays and bloods etc etc, we need to get you back on your feet dancing and singing Madam Dancer from the Pacific!"

Mom: "For sure, Dr Singh! Can't wait" and she gets up, she breaks out a pe'avao move much to the Doctr's amusement and then she breezes out of the room without a worry in the galo le vae lae laga ako ma le kagaka ga la omai. lol.

right-o...I just loaded the photos that have been in her highness' camera since 2010 and just to give you an idea about this character, her wardrobe is a myriad of colours and fabrics and bling and flowers and hey,  2 scarves are never enough to protect her shoulders from the blistering snows in Samoa....enjoy.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Yes - It shall be a really good week (:

Spent the weekend with mine familia in New Lynn, loved loved loved it for this reason:
They claimed the smalls and I slept like a baby (and drank like an Irishman).
The baby on the other hand was spoilt rotten...he fell asleep in Mom's arms and woke up on Aunty Ev's chest, and i tell ya, the kid loved every moment of being adored and cuddled and poked and carried and loved.
He will have a panick attack for sure next week when he finds himself.. ALONE in the living room with non living items to amuse him...Oi kalofa e i le Tuif.

Speaking of babies, I took Mom to the Mall, (you know, buy her coffee and then leave MM with her) while I "quickly nipped" off to grab a few things...(right-o).
One hour later, I find Mom seated at the table with a group of elderlies listening intently as she spoke. Did I mention my mom is a born story teller? Well, these elderlies were like, watching her in awe as she "educated" them about Samoa.

Anyhow, next to our table, a really large Samoan woman was feeding a baby about Tui's age(maybe younger): cake, icing and cream...what the heck?!!! thats child abuse right there!!!

Okay - one last thing about this scatterbrain entry...I am loving having Mom here all to ourselves...lots of talk, talk, sleep and kids time, with a trip to the shops and visit relatives to break things up a bit...loving it, she's here till Saturday, so am making the most of quality time.

Friday, October 14, 2011

Eliota's hearing is this morning

In Auckland city.
Good luck and hope you don't get into too much trouble with the IRBolos.
...Judging by the crowds gathered at Emily Place, I wonder if any Samoan is working this morning (:

Is Pity the new black tonight?

OMG! this is freaky!
I started a blog entry, like most of my recent ones: A whine-a-thon and continue my "feel sorry for me" tirade to complete the week but I got distracted by the updates on the dashboard....Ulalei and Perpetual Drifter have beaten me to it: what the heck?!! Your chips are down too?  Is ANYONE having a jolly good time on here?  dayum, whoever is reading our blogs are gonna be totally depressed come morning.
Eh - cheer up ladies, we have much to be grateful for, like.....South Africa is out of the World Cup and ummm, hokey pokey is yum at this hour.

But here's something that made me laugh so loud I almost cried.....A caller on Radio Samoa (in Auckland) telling the listeners that Paul Williams is now engaged....(and i thought, booorring, old news) Julie Tuilagi.
Julie is my sister's classmate from high school and lets just say, Julie has the grace and confidence to glide onto the 22 and replace McCaw and hold up the scrum too after rucking some balls.
Get the picture?
Lemme look for a picture

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Phone calls I hate

This week, I have had a hate hate relationship with my phone.
All the calls I got were crappy ol' ones that I didn't need., so much that I switched it off (and resulted in several angry voice messages from Frenchy coz he couldn't get thru).

Caller 1: Automated Vodafone reminder that my account was due. Fukkers.

Caller 2: Frenchy asking me to pick up the smalls coz he was busy with work. Coz you know, my job is less importance and he earns more. Arse-frarken-bum.

Caller 3: Tuif's Daycare sayin' "He's slept more than usual and a bit clingier than usual...always wanting to be held, so maybe you should come get him" Putrido, do your well paid job and look after the boy.

Caller 4: My 42 year old brother who still lives at home calling me to ask (third call this year, same demand) "Ska cologne please sis, not the cheap stuff aye, a good one....give it to mom when she comes". Yes - he lives at home and old enough to have 9 children and still relying on others. Frakken damen shoot.

Caller 5: My 42 year old brother calling back "oi, and i'm running low on work shirts sis, can you get me some of Frenchys ones". Did I mention I only work 20 hours a week to pay for my kids daycare, mortgage, food and survival? And he lives at the family house in Lalovaea with no weekly costs? #learntostandonyourowntwofeet

Caller 6: Daycare again, "now Tuif is crying and I think you should collect him?" No, I'm in a meeting, can you give him Pamol please?
"Sorry, you need to sign the medical form in order for us to give him Pamol." Okay, I'll come get him. (but i really wanted to say, kefes, do your job).

K, better go eat some soup to make me feel better..argh! 

Monday, October 10, 2011

nothing like a punch in the gut to bring ones day dddooooown! is one of those days, when you (me to be exact) think you're winning against the tide when in fact, the current has taken you waaaay out....and the prospect of getting back is just overwhelming, so you just give up, and sink to the bottom.

eh, i'm just being cryptic when i should just get to the point.

What a shitter of a day.
Bring on the weekend already.
Anyhow, just to end with a positive note, this is a gorgeous photo I took in Taaga.
This leaf is used as a traditional cure for an overactive bladder/bladder infection, which we call kulika kamo'e (where you are running to the toilet for a wee but it's only a trickle) or for kulika kiga (when passing urine is painful). The leaves are picked, shredded and pounded until there is a cup of liquid to drink.
sorry - aimless blog update today....but do tune in for fascinating blog entries in like,....never. lol

Friday, October 07, 2011

Getting ready for Lotu Tamaiti

Today, we went to look for a dress for MM.
We came home with 2 dresses, new shoes, pjs and stockings.
She will make a convincing negotiator, coz I just got robbed.

Anyhow, it takes me back to Safua, being one of 4 girls and my mom used to make us all a dress, usually two for the 2 services.
It was the highlight of the year when she carried out the sewing machine and lays out the rolls of fabrics.
Wow - we were so lucky!
She used to stay up, sewing away, having countless cups of tea and ov course, the Consulate ciggies on the side.
Oi aue....
(YES! Ireland scored!)
Anyhow, Mom arrives in the morning, and we are about to drive up tonight to celebrate Lotu Tamaiti with some of our relations.
MM has memorised her wee tauloto and is all psyched - something tells me she's all mimika now but will freak out in front of the auloku.
ah well, it doesn't matter, she's got the dress and looks the part.
...oh, and aunty is making panipopos...choohooo!

Thursday, October 06, 2011

Going home during lunch break

The boy got sent home because he has 'hand, foot and mouth'.
P.s NOT related to the cattle I soon found out on google. (:

Frenchy stayed back while i went to work, but because he has an urgent meeting, I drove home to look after my lil cow while he goes....lucky for me, Bebe Mooloo is asleep, so i had some food and then saw the Oyster Bay sitting in the fridge begging for company.

Naturally, being a kindred spirit that I am, I obliged,

Wow - I need to do his more often, having a glass in the afternoon.

Now the shitty part is, I have to get back to work....keste ia se,

Have a good weekend everyone!!!

In other world news:
Kauloto: OMG - MM has memorised her kauloko!!! (Not bad for someone who hasn't been to church in ages! (:
...well, i told her if she memorised it, shell get a white dress......(note to new parents, bribes work wonders).

Wednesday, October 05, 2011

Panipopo Fix

In case I forget, again.
Here's the best thing that's happened to any fob living abroad since....corned beef.

A blog dedicated to all your Samoan food favourites, like kopai, pagipopo, pai fala and everything else you had at the makeki fou when you was 12 back in 1969.


Thanks to her, there has been a spate in women of all ages making panipopos and posting pictures of their baked goodness on facebook, blogger and whoever else cared to see.

My latest favourite is this one (which comes with video of the process....yippeee!!), How to make a Pai Fala

If there was an Academy Awards for the most Exciting Blog, this one has my vote! (Tiau muchos)

O le Tulafale, The Orator

Kiwis, don't forget, The Orator comes to a cinema near you TODAY!!!

Like their Facebook page and check out where the film is screened near you under "Info" or just do a good ol' google search in your city (:

Check out this raving review by the New Zealand Herald.

Watch the TV3 review by Kate Rodgers here.

Just...GO and watch it with your family and friends....hundreds of coconuts around the world envy us for having access to this Academy Award nominated film, so milk it while we can!

Lastly, keep an indigenous actor alive today and NO illegal copying.

Manuia outou matua ae ola matou le fanau soifu.

When you have everything and it means nothing, ungrateful sod.

So, I have this relative.
(And at this point, I'm hoping that that relation will never read my blog....nor will my cousin CG recognise this relation and put her foot innit and say something like "oi, o oe la laga fa'akakau i ai le blog a Goddess a").

well, anyhow, like i said, I have this relative.

Bloody brilliant mind. So brilliant that as a youngest, he was the pride and joy of the family, village, church, district, from Falealupo to Manono Island to Asau Forest and back.
Anyhow, his brilliance was noticed by visiting teachers, ...palagis from like, overseas places like Amerika!!! wow! lol.
Every time I got home, his mother would boast " Eh! these palagis from Utah were saying he is really brilliant and should go to like, a special school and stuff, he just needs a sponsor... oka se poko!"

With this brilliance came the adoration any parent would have of their child, they doted over him, revelled in his success, pardoned him from feaus, got him 'whatever' he wanted, even momma busted their nonexistent bank account at CCK to buy a puuurtty ofu for the prizegivings.
Then came the year that mattered, and instead of doing well....he fecked it up so bad that he didn't even secure a pass in most subjects.
Yes, this is the boy wonder that was the pride and joy of the indigenous nation.
Now, I've moaned about this before, and I will do it again because instead of the boy dealing with consequences, his parents pat his back and IGNORE the problem.
They naturally enrol him into another programme, and instead of learning from his mistake, he continues like before, hanging with his friends, camping on FB with his snazzy phone and being supported financially by others. Naturally.
Every time he is told off or people (rightly) are sick of his shit, he get all dramatic and says suicidal things...the first time I saw this, I panicked, I thought, "OMG, you can't do that! we love you! don't be stupid!"
So we continued to cottonwool him and because we didn't want him to jump off a cliff, no one would tell him off, or be mean to him, ...everyone was too scared to tell him the truth because no one wants blood on their hands.
No one.
And so the suicidal threats continue, yet more pleas for sympathy and attention.
And it angers me, because he had the world at his feet, the whole fekking family and everything one could ask, and he screwed it up.
Spoilt rotten to a fault.
What sickens me is his parents FAILURE to deal with him, to talk to him even! Can't they see the monster they have created? Are they so proud that they choose to live in his past glories and refuse to face reality?
I ask, again and again, at what point do you stop in your tracks and say "wow, I'm raising a child that can't distinquish cause and consequence, can't admit failure and fails to even try".
The Moral of the story:  Eh, kailo se, e sao ai le kala foi lele, e ese a le poko ia ae a le lava le faaukauka, ia, ga'o le U.F.A. le mea e maua.

Over and under.

Monday, October 03, 2011

To'a mai le tai Samoa e...Hold your horses please

So, in the aftermath of this Rugby World Cup, we still have much to be appreciative for, our team played their hearts out and gave it their all (bar one Pantene model).
But at the same time, our loss has exposed a weakness about us, our people, that we are all too familiar with.
Once upon a time, our people used to win with pride and lose with a lot of dignity, faamatalii'ness and a basketful of wisdom.
Now, we are reduced to a nation of sore losers and whiners because of the incompetence and ignorance of a few.
Once upon a time, we gathered in humility and discussed our losses, now we bitch and moan on social networks and so go low as to threaten the ref and say things that would have gotten you a salu lima across your facials from your mother.

Don't get me wrong...Gawd, I too am hurting about those unjust decisions, but what am I going to achieve by being a dumbass on facebook? How is my online threats going to make IRB change? (IRB change? hah! nice joke Goddess).

Yup - this RWC is exposing that weakness we all know,  the fia ai kae vale disorder.

Oi aue i le mala ua tele.